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The History of Ventriloquism

Created by apathy100

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ventriloquism and Puppetry
The History of Ventriloquism game quiz
"This quiz is about the art of ventriloquism and famous ventriloquist entertainers. See how much you know about the many famous ventriloquists in history. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. According to historians, the art of ventriloquism originated from which of the following practices?

2. Who is the first known ventriloquist?
    Jules Vernon
    Edgar Bergen
    Louis Brabant
    Robert Lamouret

3. Modern-day ventriloquism did not begin until the late 19th Century. At that time, ventriloquism and ventriloquist acts began to take place in popular nightclubs. Ventriloquists focused more on the act of deceiving the audience rather than using humour and as a result, many ventriloquists began using multiple voices and used multiple figures (puppets). One such ventriloquist was Jules Vernon. How many puppet characters did Vernon use during his acts?

4. Fred Russell was an English ventriloquist and is commonly referred to as "The Father of Modern Ventriloquism". Which of the following statements is not true about Russell?
    He is credited with being the first ventriloquist to use a knee-sitting figure.
    He changed his name.
    He was the first ventriloquist to walk around the audience while his dummy whistled.
    He was a journalist.

5. Edgar Bergen was one of the first ventriloquists to become a famous entertainer on an international level. What were the names of his puppets?
    Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, and Effie Klinker
    Barber & Seville, Chico Pete, and Baby
    Bob, Darwin, and Arthur Drew
    Farfel, Danny O'Day, and Humphrey Bigsby

6. Which of the following ventriloquists coined the term "Aw, don't embawass me!"?
    Peter Brough
    Keith Harris
    Terry Hall
    Arthur Worsley

7. Overshadowed by the success of Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist Paul Winchell began doing voice-over acting for Disney and Hanna-Barbara. Which of the following characters did Winchell not do the voice for?
    Scooby Doo

8. Shari Lewis was a well-known ventriloquist and children's television show host. Which of the following popular children's television shows did she play a role in during the 1990s?
    Hi Mom
    The Shari Lewis Show
    Lamb Chops Play Along
    Captain Kangaroo

9. Ramdas and Satyajit Padhye are a father and son ventriloquist duo from which of the following countries?
    Sri Lanka

10. One of the most infamous movies about a ventriloquist was the 1929 movie "The Great Gabbo". Which of the following statements best describes this film?
    A boy witnesses the murder of his mother and relies on his dummy to speak.
    A ventriloquist tries to get his dummy to do an act at a local summer camp.
    A dead ventriloquist starts to take revenge on the townspeople through the use of his dolls.
    A famous ventriloquist goes insane because he relies on his dummy as a means to express himself.

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