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Crazy for "Hairspray"

Created by kenny_2588

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hairspray (2007) .
Crazy for Hairspray game quiz
"A great remake of the 1988 classic, "Hairspray"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the first song that is sung in the movie, during the opening credits?
    I Can Hear the Bells
    The Nicest Kids in Town
    Good Morning Baltimore
    Welcome to the 60s

2. Who is the first member of the council to say his or her name during the roll call, in the song "The Nicest Kids in Town"?

3. Where does Tracy first meet Seaweed?
    On the bus
    In detention
    In the cafeteria
    Tracy and Seaweed never meet

4. What does Tracy hit the police officer with, during the rally?
    A sledgehammer
    A picket sign
    She doesn't hit the officer
    A meat mallet

5. What is Edna Turnblad's favorite food?

6. How often does "The Corny Collins Show" have Negro Day?
    Once a week
    Once a month
    Every other week
    Every day is Negro Day

7. Who is Tracy's agent?
    Wilbur, her father
    Edna, her mother

8. What is the name of the Council Member who is being replaced and who leaves an opening for Tracy to be able to try out?

9. We know that Tracy hit the police officer with a picket sign. However, who did the news report say that Tracy savagely bludgeoned?
    elderly woman
    Eagle Scout
    expectant mother

10. Why is Velma in the joke shop late at night with Wilbur?
    To buy joke shop merchandise
    To seduce him
    To sell him the newest merchandise
    To tell him of the riot downtown

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Compiled Jun 28 12