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Opiate Abuse and Addiction

Created by bethsch

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Drug Abuse
Opiate Abuse and Addiction game quiz
"As a pharmacist, I was surprised to find so few quizzes on addiction and drug abuse. Opiate analgesics are the most common prescription drugs of abuse. Note:When I have used the brand name for a drug, the generic name is in parentheses."

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1. Opiate analgesics (pain-relievers) are some of the most commonly prescribed medications. Which of these is NOT an appropriate reason for taking opiates?
    Pain from a broken bone
    Post-op pain occurring after knee surgery
    Abdominal pain with a high fever
    Pain from an abscessed tooth

2. Which of the following is NOT classified as an opiate analgesic?
    Motrin (generic name ibuprofen)
    Oxycontin (generic name oxycodone)
    Vicodin (generic name hydrocodone)
    Tylenol #3 (generic name codeine/ acetaminophen)

3. Which of these is considered the strongest or most potent of the following opiates?
    Vicodin (hydrocodone)

4. Many commonly prescribed pain pills are actually a combination of an opiate and Tylenol(acetaminophen). Abusing any medication containing acetaminophen can be particularly damaging to which part of the body?
    The pancreas
    The kidneys
    The liver
    The lungs

5. Many opiate drugs are derived from which of the following?
    Amino acids
    Willow bark

6. Signs of opiate abuse include all but which of the following?
    Isolation from others
    All these are common signs of abuse
    Involvement on the wrong side of the law
    Deterioration of family relationships

7. Which of these is NOT a common symptom of withdrawal following opiate addiction?
    Alopecia (hair loss)

8. Which of the following is the best program of treatment for someone addicted to opiates?
    Treatment that is customized for the individual
    Prescribed medications for withdrawal and mood swings
    Behavioral therapy including counseling
    Inpatient care at a treatment center for drug abuse

9. Which of these powerful opiates was commonly available without a prescription in the 19th century, leading to many "housewife addicts?"
    Dr. Buckley's Poppyseed Elixir

10. Which one of the following was developed to cure people of morphine addiction?
    Antabuse (disulfiram)

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