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John Tucker Must Die

Created by guitargoddess

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John Tucker Must Die game quiz
"As a girl who has dated a "John Tucker" or two, I have to say this movie was awesome. Released in 2006, it was about three girls who found out they were all dating the same guy and started working together to exact their revenge on him."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these actresses did NOT play one of John's ex-girlfriends?
    Arielle Kebbel
    Elisha Cuthbert
    Sophia Bush

2. What reason did Kate give the other girls as to why John called them by pet names like 'baby' and 'sweetheart'?
    So he wouldn't mix up their names
    To show them he's superior
    As a sign of affection
    So that they would think he was sensitive

3. What did John tell each of the girls to get them to keep their relationship a secret?
    He had a psycho ex-girlfriend who would get jealous
    Dating was against his religion
    His coach had rules about girlfriends
    His dad wouldn't let him date during basketball season

4. According to Kate's voice-over narrative, what was rule number one of their plot to bring down John?
    Never underestimate your opponent
    Always anticipate an ace up his sleeve
    Think big
    Never think you've won

5. What did the girls ultimately decide to do to destroy John Tucker?
    cause him to injure his knee
    break his heart
    smash his Jeep
    get him kicked off the team

6. What was Heather's suggestion for a foolproof way for Kate to get John to fall for her?
    Show a little skin
    Become a cheerleader
    Go out with one of his friends
    Wear stilettos

7. What does John claim is his type, when talking to his brother?
    Answer: (One Word - four letters)

8. The line that Kate practiced for when she was going to break up with John was: "John Tucker, there is only one guy out there for me. And you are not him."

9. Which of these did John give Kate?
    a watch
    a bracelet
    a ring
    an anklet

10. When all was said and done, John Tucker learned his lesson and never lied to a girl again.

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Compiled Jun 28 12