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Chronology of English History: 1

Created by doomed

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Chronology of English History 1 game quiz
"The history of England is made up of many stories and legends that sometimes are believed to be just fables, but much of English history is true. Part one of three starts with the turning of the first millenia."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 1019 saw which king unite the kingdoms of Denmark and England, six years after King Sweyn defeated Aethelred at London?

2. English history changed dramatically on October 14th 1066 with the world renowned Battle of Hastings. Three weeks after defeating Harald Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, King Harold Godwinson marched his tired troops to the scene of his eventual defeat at the hands of Duke William II of Normandy, but what was the name of the hill that witnessed the change of monarchy and English history?
    Senlac (Sandlake) Hill
    Seaford Head
    Gun Hill
    Beachy Point

3. 1141 saw which two people fight for the English throne despite being related?
    Stephen vs. Matilda
    Harold vs. Emma
    Henry vs. Edward
    Henry vs. Stephen

4. 1170 Thomas Becket was murdered by knights of King Henry II. What words did the king reputedly state that led to the death of his once great friend?
    "Will someone tell me why this man is questioning my power with his godly words, it must be ended"
    "Who will free me of this turbulent priest?"
    "Why does Thomas mock me? Someone needs to keep him quiet"
    "I shall have to act with some force to quieten this painful soul"

5. 1215 saw King John sign the 'Magna Carta Libertatum', which both guaranteed to the barons their feudal privileges and promised to maintain the laws of the land. But what does 'Magna Carta Libertatum' translate to in English?
    Stand by the Law of the Land
    Privileges to all Barons
    Great Charter of Liberties
    Making Good Privileges

6. 1327 and the murder of King Edward II was big news, but what was alarming about the murder was that his wife was chiefly responsible. What was her name?

7. The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 took place in London, but which king ultimately crushed this act?
    Henry V
    Richard III
    Richard II
    Henry IV

8. 1415 saw the English defeat the French at Agincourt, but in 1429 the French won which battle under the leadership of Joan of Arc?

9. The Hundred Years' War (116 in fact) ended in 1453 with a decisive French victory over the English, but which French city played host to the last battle?

10. England entered into a new war in 1454 that ended thirty one years later (1485) at the Battle of Bosworth with Henry Tudor victorious, but what was the name of this civil conflict?
    War of the Houses
    Spanish Armada
    War of the Roses
    English Civil War

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