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"Tales of the City" by Armistead Maupin

Created by psiren

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Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin game quiz
"This quiz is about the first book in Armistead Maupin's brilliant "Tales of the City" series."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these was not an inscription about Mary Anne in her high school yearbook "The Buccaneer"?
    National Forensics League
    Still waters run deep
    Class treasurer
    Future Homemakers of America

2. Where does Mary Anne first meet Michael?
    At an ice-skating rink
    At Mrs Madrigal's apartment
    At Marina Safeway supermarket
    In Mona Ramsey's apartment

3. Where is Michael from?

4. What / who are Dante and Beatrice?
    The guests at Mrs. Madrigal's dinner party
    Neighbourhood cats that live around 28 Barbary Lane
    Mrs Madrigal's marijuana plants
    Names that Edgar chooses for DeDe's twins

5. What does Norman Neal Williams originally tell Mary Anne his occupation is?
    Private detective
    Vitamin salesman
    Restaurant critic

6. What drastic action did D'orothea take in order to continue modelling?
    Had a sex change operation
    Shaved her head
    Changed her skin colour
    Starved herself and became anorexic

7. How does DeDe know that her husband Beauchamp has had an affair with Mary Anne?
    She finds Mary Anne's scarf in his car
    She finds an earring in their bed
    She catches them in bed together
    She finds a letter from Mary Anne to Beauchamp

8. Brian Hawkins used to be a lawyer, what does he now do for a living?
    Air Steward

9. Why does Mona Ramsey leave 28 Barbary Lane?
    She can't afford the rent after losing her job
    She falls out with Michael and he kicks her out of the apartment
    She goes to the desert to find herself
    She moves in with D'orothea

10. Mrs Madrigal and Edgar Halcyon have a brief affair. What ends their relationship?
    Mrs Madrigal ends it because she feels guilty about Frannie
    Edgar's wife Frannie finds out
    Edgar dies
    Edgar discovers that Mrs Madrigal used to be a man and ends the relationship

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Compiled Jun 28 12