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To Be Or Not To Be

Created by FussBudget

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To Be Or Not To Be game quiz
"Mel Brooks surprised a lot of people in 1983, by allowing someone else to direct one of his films. Brooks takes the Nazi occupation of Poland and turns his little part of WWII into the way it should have been!"

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1. Mel Brooks, playing the character of Frederic Bronski, loved to recite Shakespeare whenever the opportunity presented itself. What did he call his mini-production?
    Hamlet in a Half-Shell
    Highlights from Hamlet
    Hooray for Hamlet
    Ham's the Man

2. What is the name of the Bronski Theatre Company production, which makes fun of the Germans?
    Vile Wermacht
    Naughty Nazis
    Lazy Luftwaffe
    Yikes! It's the Reich!

3. Which character screams all of his lines during the movie?

4. Who plays the role of Anna Bronski?
    Diana Rigg
    Katharine Ross
    Anne Bancroft
    Judi Dench

5. After the Polish pilot Andre Sobinski kisses Anna Bronski for the first time, what are his next words?
    "Parting is such sweet sorrow"
    "I'll be back tomorrow"
    "Gee, thanks a lot"
    "I could go some more of that"

6. What happens every time Frederic Bronski starts his "To be or not to be?" scene?
    The Germans shut the play down.
    He forgets his next line.
    The fire alarms go off.
    The same member of the audience gets up and leaves.

7. In response to the Nazi threat and how it will affect the Theatre Company, Frederic Bronski says: "We'll do what a theatrical company should do during a war, we'll ___."
    keep performing
    fight to the last thespian
    hide until it's over
    all enlist

8. For what purpose did the Nazis use the Bronski's house?
    Censorship Board offices
    Ammunition dump
    Gestapo headquarters
    General Von Seidelman's headquarters

9. What does Sasha Kinski wear on his clothes when he goes out?
    A red square
    A pink triangle
    A blue circle
    A green rectangle

10. Which actor plays the role of Colonel Erhardt?
    Jose Ferrer
    George Gaynes
    Charles Durning
    Christopher Lloyd

11. When the real Professor Siletski visits the fake Colonel Erhardt (played by Mel Brooks), what tips him off that he is dealing with an imposter?
    Colonel Erhardt clearly does not know details that he should
    He never realises he is being fooled
    Erhardt's fake moustache comes loose
    The back of Erhardt's chair

12. When Colonel Erhardt first entertains Professor Siletski, he offers him a cigar and then cigarettes. What item does he offer after the cigarettes?
    Chocolate covered nougats
    He offers nothing further

13. George Gaynes plays the role of which German General?
    General Von Seidelman
    General von Steuben
    General Von Kleist
    General Burkhalter

14. The Theatre Company makes its daring escape in the (real) Fuhrer's private plane, and flies toward England. The aircraft runs out of fuel and they make an emergency landing. As they have been flying blind, they have no idea where they are. Mel Brooks (as Hitler) volunteers to find some locals, figuring aloud that it would look better in case they are still in Germany. As it turns out, they are in England. He bursts into a traditional English pub, and says what?
    "Excuse me, is this England?"
    "I'm looking for directions"
    "Guten Tag"

15. In the theatre scene where Mel Brooks is doing his Hitler impression, he sings a musical number entitled "A Little Piece". Many countries get mentioned in the song. Which of the following groups of countries contains one that is historically inaccurate for the period?
    Poland, France, Portugal, Austria
    Poland, France, India, Pakistan
    Turkey, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
    Norway, Greece, Hungary

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