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Jenolan Caves

Created by westwingitis

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Jenolan Caves game quiz
"These spectacular caves to the west of Sydney are one of the most popular tourist destinations in country NSW and well worth the stop over. If you haven't been, come and learn about what you may see."

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1. Jenolan Caves are situated west of Sydney, over the Blue Mountains. It is protected as part of a nature reserve. What is the name of this reserve?
    Sydney National Park
    Kakadu World Heritage Area
    Wollumbin World Heritage Park
    Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

2. Jenolan Caves boast a traditional Edwardian guesthouse, complete with communal bathrooms (when it was built most homes had outside toilets). What is the name of this guesthouse which includes a beautiful period dining room with modern food?
    Caves House
    Jenolan Inn
    Mountain Lodge
    The Hydro Majestic

3. In 2006, Jenolan Caves Trust reopened a cave after it had been closed to the public for 74 years. What is the name of this cave tour?
    Carlotta Arch
    Lucas Cave
    Nettles Cave/Devil's Coach House
    Very Dark Cave

4. There is a man-made lake at Jenolan Caves call the Blue Lake. Why was the lake made?
    As water storage for drinking
    It would make a picturesque addition
    To enable the production of hydroelectricity
    To create a good swimming spot for tourists in summer

5. The caves at Jenolan have been made by subterranean rivers eroding through layers of rock. What type of rock is it?

6. One of the show caves predominantly features a river known as "The River Styx". What is the name of this cave?
    Dark Cave
    Ribbon Cave
    River Cave
    Nettles Cave

7. There is a popular hiking trail that runs from Jenolan Caves to Katoomba. What is the name of this trail?
    The Great North Walk
    The Sixfoot Track
    The Appalachian Trail
    The Raven Track

8. At Jenolan Caves you may only tour the caves on the well lit paths.

9. You are allowed to take home samples of the rock from inside the caves.

10. What was the name of the Aboriginal tribe located around the Jenolan Caves area?

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