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Home-Made Artillery: The Spud Gun

Created by Krowley

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HomeMade Artillery The Spud Gun game quiz
"There's a lot of satisfaction to be had in designing and building a device that can lob a potato a half a mile. But spud gunning is more than drunken frat boys on a roof. There's a lot of science and math involved in creating a safe and efficient cannon."

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1. Are spud guns legal in the U.S.?
    They're completely legal.
    It depends on the type of gun.
    They're totally illegal.
    It depends on where you are.

2. There are various ways to launch that potato. Which of the following is NOT a type of spud gun?
    Combustion gun
    Hydraulic gun
    Pneumatic gun
    Hybrid gun

3. The combustion design is the simplest and most common kind of spud gun. A projectile is loaded into the barrel. Fuel is added to the chamber behind the barrel (with the correct fuel/air ratio), and then ignited, blasting the projectile out. Which of the following is NOT a common ignitor on a combustion gun?
    100,000 Volt stun gun
    Modified camera flash
    Piezoelectric BBQ ignitor
    Firework fuse

4. Right Guard aerosol deodorant used to be the most common fuel used in a combustion gun, until the makers reformulated it. It is no longer flammable. Which of the following is NOT a safe choice to fuel your cannon with?
    Automotive starter fluid

5. Now let's move on to the pneumatic gun, the air and gas powered spud launcher. First, a projectile is loaded into the barrel. Then, the reservoir chamber is filled with compressed air (I usually charge to about 100 PSI). To fire, a valve is activated, dumping the air from the chamber to the barrel.Which of the following types of firing valves would be the most effective?
    Piston valve
    Ball valve
    Automatic sprinkler valve
    Quick exhaust valve (QEV)

6. A piston valve can be of the "chamber sealing" or "barrel sealing" variety. Both designs use air pressure to keep the piston closed tight. A secondary "pilot valve" is used to release the air from behind the piston, causing it to open.
What is most commonly used as a pilot valve?
    Check valve
    Ball valve
    Drain cock

7. When building your pneumatic spud gun, proper building materials are crucial. What should you NEVER use?
    Sch 40 PVC pipe
    Steel pipe
    DWV pipe
    Brass pipe

8. A hybrid cannon combines the principles of both the pneumatic and combustion guns. It uses a pressurized fuel-air mixture to create awesome power and incredible muzzle velocity. It can also be very dangerous, and should only be attempted by an experienced spudder. What safety precautions should be taken when building and firing a hybrid?
    It should be built with pipe that can withstand 200-300PSI (Sch80 PVC or metal pipe).
    All of these.
    It should have a remote ignition system.
    A 4x propane / 4x atmosphere mix should never be exceeded.

9. So let's say you have constructed a well designed and well crafted hybrid gun.
How much velocity could you hope to achieve?
    400-500 ft per sec
    More than 1200 ft per sec
    800-900 ft per sec
    1000-1100 ft per sec

10. In this quiz, I've featured three kinds of cannons that a spudder can create. What other kind of toys can be created with the same basic principles?
    Paintball guns
    BB machine guns
    T-Shirt launchers (for sporting events)
    All of these

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Compiled Jun 28 12