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The Isle of Staten

Created by Readesmom

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The Isle of Staten game quiz
"Not many people know much about Staten Island except those of us who live here. Hopefully this quiz will encouage you to visit us."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What nickname is often used to describe Staten Island?
    The Small Borough
    The Forgotten Borough
    The Borough of Parks
    The Borough of Churches

2. Nearly 40,000 runners race in the New York City marathon. Where is the starting line?
    Central Park
    The Verrazano Narrows Bridge
    George Washington Bridge
    Herald Square

3. Staten Island has the highest point on the east coast of the United States south of Maine. What is it called?
    Fresh Kills Landfill
    Moses Mountain
    Clove Lakes Park
    Todt Hill

4. The largest living thing in Staten Island is over 107 feet tall and over 300 years old. What is it?
    A pine tree overlooking the Kill Van Kull
    A tulip tree in Clove Lake Park
    Jumbo the Elephant at the Staten Island Zoo
    The tree at the ninth hole at Silver Lake Golf Course

5. Which Staten Island College, known for its drama and theater department and its beautiful view of New York Harbor, was once home to the Vanderbilt and Cunard estates?
    College of Staten Island
    St. John's University
    Wagner College
    Staten Island Academy

6. Which bridge connects Staten Island and Brooklyn?
    The Brooklyn Bridge
    The Verrazano Narrows Bridge
    The Goethals Bridge
    The Outerbridge Crossing

7. The most southern bridge in New York State is the Outerbridge Crossing. How did it get this name?
    It was named after Mr. Outerbridge.
    The Goethals is the "Inner Bridge". This is the "Outer Bridge".
    Because of its remote location on Staten Island.
    Because once you cross, it you are out of Staten Island.

8. Built in 1680, what Staten Island landmark was the site of a 1776 peace conference between the Commander of British Forces and representatives of the Continental Congress?
    The Lake House
    The Van Duzer Mansion
    The Conference House

9. Besides being one of the five boroughs of New York City, Staten Island is also one of the five counties. What is its official county name?
    Richmond County
    New York County
    Kings County
    Staten County

10. The Staten Island Ferry is one is the most popular tourist attractions in New York City. How many passengers travel on those big orange boats on an average weekday?
    Over 60,000 passengers a day
    30,000 passengers a day
    15,000 passengers a day
    50,000 passengers a day

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