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Ride Alaska's Ferry System!

Created by alladra

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Ride Alaskas Ferry System game quiz
"Hop Aboard! One way to explore the Last Frontier is to ride the state-run ferry system. So get off the roads and planes and instead take a ride on the wild side!"

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1. What is the southernmost point on Alaska's ferry system, also known as the Alaska Marine Highway System?
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Bellingham, Washington
    Juneau, Alaska
    Ketchikan, Alaska

2. So now the big journey on Alaska's ferry system is underway. Our next port is Ketchikan. The city boasts itself as having the world's largest collection of what?
    gold mining equipment
    moose antlers
    seal fur
    totem poles

3. Juneau is not only a popular destination for the Alaska Marine Highway System, but for cruise ships who are said to be cruisin' what?
    College Fjord
    Prince William Sound
    Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve
    the Inside Passage

4. Also in Southeast Alaska, the Alaska Marine Highway system meets up with the road system in Haines. Many travelers board the ferry at Haines and sail to nearby Skagway, which is considered the birthplace to what?
    The North Pacific Cannery
    Alaska's commercial fishing fleet
    The Tlingit Indians
    The Klondike Gold Rush

5. Alaska's ferries are more than just a tourist attraction. The Alaska Marine Highway System also serves as a critical link offering transportation and shipping to communities that are not on the road system. How many ferry terminals are included?

6. Southeast Alaska, also known as the Panhandle, isn't the only region serviced by the state's ferry system. Which four of these cities serve as ferry stops in South-central Alaska?
    Whittier, Anchorage, Seward, Homer
    Valdez, Homer, Juneau, Anchorage
    Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seldovia, Cordova
    Whittier, Valdez, Cordova and Homer

7. Alaska's Marine Highway System covers around 3,500 miles. How many ships does it have in its fleet?

8. What is the largest ferry included in the fleet of the Alaska Marine Highway System?
    M/V Kennicott
    M/V Tustumena
    M/V Columbia
    M/V Malaspina

9. Columbia, Tustumena, Chenega, Malaspina, Aurora and LeConte are just a few of the ship names on the Alaska Marine Highway System. What are all of the current fleet's ships named after?
    Mountain Peaks

10. As we reach the final part of our journey on the Alaska Marine Highway System, we are now headed west along the Aleutian Islands. After sailing through Kodiak, Chignik and Cold Bay, we are now approaching the westernmost terminal on the ferry system. What is it?
    St. Lawrence Island
    Nunivak Island
    Unalaska/Dutch Harbor
    Attu Island

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Compiled Jun 28 12