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"Doctor Who" 6 (2005-2007)

Created by ryan226

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Doctor Who 6 20052007 game quiz
"Hello all! Another one of my quizzes and this one is about the Cult of Skaro and the events that happened on New Earth. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What were the Cult protecting through the void?
    Oaisis Ark
    The Ark of Destiny
    Noah's Ark
    Genesis Ark

2. What was inside the Ark?
    More Daleks
    More Slitheen

3. Who did they fight at the Torchwood Institute?
    The Beast
    The Slitheen
    The Cybermen
    The Gelth

4. Which of these names was a Cult of Skaro Dalek name?

5. Which patient had the Doctor met before?
    Face of Boe
    Moxx of Balhoon
    A Dalek
    Duke of Manhattan

6. Which of these was NOT the name of a Cat Nurse?
    Matron Casp
    Sister Jatt
    Novice Hame
    Sister Wendy

7. What did the Nurses call the infected people?

8. Which of the Doctor's old foes was in hiding in the hospital?
    The Jagrafess
    Blon Fel Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen
    The Nestene Consiousness

9. What was the Duke of Manhattan suffering from?
    Manifest Lunacy
    A cold
    Petrifold Regression

10. What did the Doctor think the hospital should have?
    More beds
    Nurses that aren't cats
    Better toilets
    A shop

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Compiled Jun 28 12