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Streight's Raid (1863)

Created by Cleburne

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Streights Raid 1863 game quiz
"On April 7, 1863, Union Forces under Colonel Abel Streight left Nashville, Tn. on a famous raid towards the manufacturing town of Rome, Ga. and the Western & Atlantic RR. He didn't count on Nathan Bedford Forrest following."

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1. To whom did Col. Streight submit his plans for the raid, and who approved them?
    Brig. Gen. James Garfield & Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans
    Brig. Gen. James McPherson & Maj. Gen. Henry Halleck
    Brig. Gen. William T. Sherman & Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant
    Brig. Gen. John McClernand & Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell

2. Streight departed Tuscumbia, Al. on April 24, with his command totaling how many troopers?

3. N. Bedford Forrest quickly caught up with Streight with just over 400 troopers at his disposal. How did he keep Streight in check and under constant harassment for the entire raid?
    By using constant flanking maneuvers to engage the enemy at every turn.
    All of these are true.
    By tricking the Union into believing a much larger force was after them.
    By utilizing only part of his command to chase Streight, while the remainder rested in shifts.

4. What was the name of the raiding force adopted by Col. Abel Streights' Command?
    Streights' Cavaliers
    The Lightning Mule Brigade
    Abels' Ables
    The 1st Indiana Mounted Infantry Brigade

5. Streights' men were under constant attack from April 27th to May 2nd. On that day, Streight had the bridge across Black Creek destroyed after his command was safely past. The closest bridge being 10 miles away gave him and his men time to rest and reorganize. Who helped Forrest find a nearby Ford to cross and ruin Streights' plan?
    Julia Dent
    Mary Boykin
    Emma Sanson
    Belle Whatley

6. Which of these was a battle rather than a skirmish during the raid?
    Day's Gap
    Hog Mountain
    Black Warrior River

7. On May 3rd, Streight was again harassed by Forrests' men and forced to make a stand atop the last mountain at the southern tip of the Lookout Mountain range near Centre, Al.. Where was this skirmish?
    Little River Canyon
    Sand Rock
    Cedar Bluff
    Shinbone Mountain

8. Where were the Raiders stopped 20 miles short of their goal?
    Cedar Bluff, Al.
    Cave Springs, Ga.
    Gadsen, Al.
    Kingston, Ga.

9. Forrest came upon the Yankee position and created an elaborate illusion to trick Streight into thinking he was outnumbered. Under a flag of truce, Forrest met with Streight demanding his surrender. Meanwhile, Forrests' cannon were deployed, removed, re-deployed in many different places. Streight remarked, "How many men do you have in your command? I've counted 15 cannon already!" What did Forrest reply?
    " I guess that's all that kept up!"
    "Well, I have you to thank for most of 'em!"
    " Never mind that! I demand your immediate surrender!"
    "Enough, General, enough!"

10. The citizens of Rome were relieved to hear that Forrest had saved them. Streight and his men were marched through Rome and the town went wild in celebration. Where did Col. Streight end up?
    Castle Thunder
    Libby Prison
    Castle Pinckney

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