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Celebrity Rhymes 3

Created by Bruyere

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Rhymes
Celebrity Rhymes 3 game quiz
"Celebrity Rhymes 3, here is a third quiz in a series, but this time there's a twist, find the celebrity's last name and the corresponding rhyme. Example: Kevin's fees= Kline's fines with clue (Fish called ?) Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Please note: This quiz was written several years ago when punctuation was allowed in Fill in the Blank quizzes. This means you WILL need to include apostrophes in the answer if appropriate.

Meryl's vehicles:
    Answer: (This would be good in 'Out of Africa')

2. Tina's stovetops
    Answer: (Hey Good lookin!)

3. Brad's top ten
    Answer: (He's already a top ten!)

4. Gregory's travellers
    Answer: (think Mockingbird and AE don't leave home without it)

5. Jim's fruit
    Answer: (Somebody stop me!)

6. John's Samurai food
    Answer: (Sat. Night fame)

7. Woody's full tanks:
    Answer: (Fill 'er up in Brooklyn)

8. Britney's age
    Answer: (Oops I did it again!)

9. Goldie's shrimp
    Answer: (Laugh in star's seafood?)

10. Vincent's weaknesses
    Answer: (mustache wax might be one)

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Compiled Apr 24 14