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Anagrams of US States and Capitals - Part Three

Created by delboy22

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Geography - Wordplay
Anagrams of US States and Capitals  Part Three game quiz
"Part three of my anagrammed US states and capitals series. Answers are CAPITAL followed by STATE, with a space between, and NO punctuation."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Alas a June Auk
    Answer: (Northwestern state)

2. Confine Dutch tractor
    Answer: (Full of surprises)

3. Alter toga again
    Answer: (Always on your mind?)

4. Muse at Iguana
    Answer: (A state on the move?)

5. Moonlight nips away
    Answer: (Take a little trip to this extraordinary state)

6. Mini raving orchid
    Answer: (If you are a lover - this is the state for you)

7. Take out horrid apes
    Answer: (Three words. The state which is famous for the faces carved into a mountain)

8. Look a calamity ham hook
    Answer: (State that is also the title of a movie)

9. Emulation nips Santa (Write the capital in full - do not abbreviate)
    Answer: (Land of 10,000 lakes)

10. Boo his aide
    Answer: (The "Gem state")

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Compiled Jan 29 13