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'The Office' US

Created by MariStar22

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The Office (US) - Season 3
The Office US game quiz
"This is a quiz on season 3 of the greatest show on TV, 'The Office'. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 'Gay Witch Hunt' which character confesses that he is gay?

2. Which of the following ex-Stamford Branch workers do NOT transfer to Scranton?

3. In 'A Benihana Christmas', how does Michael distinguish one waitress from the other?
    Puts a bell around her wrist
    Puts a sticky-note on her back
    Marks her arm
    Messes up her hair

4. In 'The Return', Jim hides Andy's cellphone in the ceiling. Jim gives Andy a hint to where it may be by saying "Maybe it's in the ceiling?"
Andy replies with which of these?
    "That's ridiculous!"
    "You know what. Maybe you're in the ceiling!"
    "Thanks Jim!"
    "Maybe I ate it?"

5. In 'Product Recall', Jim dresses up as Dwight. How much did the whole 'Dwight inspired' costume cost Jim?
    Nothing. He stole it from Dwight.

6. In 'Women's Appreciation', where does Jim tell Dwight that he spotted the flasher that had flashed Phyllis earlier that day?
    Behind Pam's desk
    In the mirror in the bathroom
    Above the sink in the bathroom
    In the car park

7. In 'Safety Training', Andy is given the task of getting a jumping castle for Michael's 'experiment.' Before he leaves, he asks Dwight if it should include what?
    A drawbridge
    A roof
    Bright colours
    A Princess

8. In 'Business School', Dwight believes that Jim is turning into a vampire as a result of being bitten by a loose bat in the office. Which of these is NOT a 'symptom' that Jim pretends to be suffering from?
    He gets burnt by garlic
    None of the above
    He sees glare reflecting from Angela's crucifix
    He tells Dwight that he has no reflection

9. What is the name of the computer game played by the workers of the Stamford Branch?
    Call of Murder
    Call of Duty

10. In 'The Job', Jim finds a note from Pam amongst his papers whilst at an interview for a position at Corporate. What does the note say?
    "Don't forget us when you're famous!"
    "Good luck! I hope you get the job!"
    "I love you"
    "I hope you and Karen have a great life together!"

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Compiled Jun 28 12