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"Halloween (2007)" The Youth of Michael Myers

Created by lord_kronos

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Halloween 2007
Halloween 2007 The Youth of Michael Myers game quiz
"This quiz is about the youth of Michael Myers! Please enjoy it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As the movie starts out, Michael Myers can be seen playing with his mouse Louis. What does he do with Elvis?
    He releases it.
    He puts it back in the cage.
    He feeds it.
    He kills it.

2. When Michael is in the kitchen with his mother, Ronnie and his sister, what band is seen on his shirt?
    Rob Zombie

3. When Michael is in the toilet room, some other guys enter the toilet room as well. They begin to pick on him. First they are saying some rude things about his sister, then they say something else which causes Michael to attack one of them. What is it that they bully Michael with?
    That he is scared.
    That his mother is a stripper.
    His father can't work.
    They just don't like Michael.

4. When Michael's mother is called to the principal, another person is called as well. He is a psychiatrist and will be assisting Michael through several moments in the movie. What is his name?
    Dr. Ron Lewis
    Dr. Rob Zombie
    Dr. Jack Scott
    Dr. Sam Loomis

5. When Michael's mother is speaking with the principal and Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael decides it's time to run away. Wesley Rhoades, one of the bullies, leaves the school as well and goes into the forest. Michael follows him. What does he do to Wesley?
    He kills him with a tree branch.
    He wants to become friends.
    He yells at him and runs away.
    He evades him and runs home.

6. After some events, Michael is quite angry and he kills his mother's boyfriend Ronnie, Judith's boyfriend and Judith. Why does he kill Judith?
    Because she killed his mouse
    Because she didn't go trick or treat with him
    Because she stole Michael's candy
    Because his dad told him to do so

7. Does Michael kill either his younger sister, Laurie, or his mother Deborah Myers?

8. To what psychiatric care facility is Michael taken?
    Stanton's Grove Sanitarium
    Scott's Grove Sanitarium
    John's Grove Sanitarium
    Smith's Grove Sanitarium

9. What is the name of the ex-con who helps Michael keep his sanity?
    Ismael Cruz
    Deborah Myers
    Sam Loomis
    George Orwells

10. Some time after Ismael gives Michael some helping advice, Michael's attitude starts to change as well. In one of the visits Michael's mother gives him a picture. When she leaves Michael is left alone with a nurse. The nurse sneers to Michael that he couldn't be family of Laurie. What does Michael do to her?
    He ignores her until she is gone.
    He stabs her with a fork.
    He throws a chair to her.
    He runs away from her.

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