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The Amazing Frog

Created by skunkee

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 20 Questions
The Amazing Frog game quiz
"Frogs have hopped their way into all aspects of our lives. What's don't believe me? Well I offer, in proof, this quiz that gives you 20 questions on frogs -- one for every FunTrivia category."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Animals: Frogs are reptiles.

2. Brain Teasers: A frog falls into a well that is 12 feet deep. He is able to jump three feet at a time to get out, but because the sides of the well are so slippery, he slides back two feet after every jump.
How many jumps does he need to make to get out of the well?

3. Celebrities: Kermit the Frog is a puppet who has appeared in a children's, educational, television show, hosted his own variety show, starred in several movies and even played the role of Bob Cratchit in a version of the classic Dickens' tale. Who was the brilliant puppeteer who created and gave voice to Kermit?
    Jim Henson
    Shari Lewis
    Frank Oz
    Edgar Bergen

4. Entertainment: This animated character has been used in commercials for a ringtone, (by Jamba!). However his popularity has increased beyond that and he now has his own music CDs (including a Christmas Collection) that are popular around the world. He has become a celebrity in his own right, with his own fan club and merchandise. His music videos are very popular on You Tube. Who is this character?
    Frog Man
    Crazy Frog
    Bull Frog
    The Frog

5. For Children: This popular children's game has participants jumping over a line of their friends, crouching down when they reach the end of the row, to be jumped over in turn. What is the name of this game?
    Tic Tac Frog
    Lily Pads

6. General: There are many superstitions involving frogs. They are supposed to bring good luck when they enter a home and killing one is definitely bad luck. What are you supposed to do with a frog, to prevent epilepsy?
    dance naked around it under a full moon
    swallow it whole
    sprinkle its blood on your cereal
    wear its dried out body around your neck in a silk pouch

7. Geography: Although there are approximately 175 different species of poisonous frogs, only three of these have a toxicity level high enough to be used on poison darts or arrows. Where are these frogs (and the poisoned weapons) found?
    South America

8. History: In 1885, Frog Lake (located in what is now known as Alberta), a group of Cree Indians shot and killed nine settlers in the area, in an incident which came to be known as the Frog Lake Massacre. What event inspired this attack?
    Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn
    the Yukon Gold Rush
    Canadian Confederation
    the rebellion of the Metis, led by Louis Riel

9. Hobbies: Which part of a frog is/are considered a delicacy in French and Chinese cuisine?

10. Humanities: the expression "frog in your throat" is used to describe a situation where you have swallowed something that has gotten stuck half way down your throat.

11. Literature: There have been many versions of the fairy tale "The Frog Prince" over the years, with the version told by the Brothers Grimm being probably the best known. In this version, what did the princess do to ultimately break the spell?
    She tossed the frog out of the tower window.
    She beheaded the frog.
    She threw the frog against the wall.
    She crushed the frog under her heel.

12. Movies: In "Shrek 2" we find the reverse of the old fairy tale, and learn that Fiona's father, Harold, is actually a frog who has been enchanted by the Fairy Godmother to be human. What happens to Harold in "Shrek the Third"?
    He returns to the pond.
    He croaks (dies).
    He is made human again.

13. Music: "Jeremiah was a bullfrog; was a good friend of mine.
I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine."
What fun song do these lyrics come from?
    Blue Bayou
    I've Never Been to Spain
    Joy to the World
    Jumpin' Jack Flash

14. People: Ian Edward Fraser was a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve during the Second World War. He was a naval frogman, commanded a submarine and received a Victoria Cross after the successful completion of a very dangerous mission. In what capacity did he use his frogman skills after the war?
    in police work
    pearl diving
    in the Cold War
    shark fishing

15. Religion: The Egyptian Goddess Heqet was depicted either as a woman with a frog's head, or as a frog. What was she considered the Goddess of?
    the moon
    the stars

16. Sci/Tech: As dramatized in the movie "Magnolia", there have been actual incidents where it has rained frogs.

17. Sports: In what American State would you find University team, the Horned Frogs?
    New York

18. Television: In a 1955 cartoon entitled "One Froggy Evening", Warner Brothers ("Looney Tunes Cartoons") introduced a talented singing frog called Michigan J. Frog. What song did Michigan sing first?
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Hello Ma Baby
    New York, New York
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas

19. Video Games: In 1981, Sega/Gremlin introduced an arcade game wherein the player had to get his little frogs home safely. What was this game called?
    Leap Frog
    Don't Get Squished
    Highway Crossing Frog

20. World: Which beer has used three frogs in its advertising campaigns?

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