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...According to the Gnostics

Created by howdyitsme

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According to the Gnostics game quiz
"Heresy used to simply mean "not Orthodox"; Gnosticism may have come close to becoming the predominant Christian sect in the 2nd century. Let's see how much you know about it!"

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1. Which second century bishop gives us the most information about Gnosticism?
    Ignaetious of Caesarea
    Thomas, the Good
    Irenaeus, of Lyon
    Diego of Antioch

2. What is the name the Gnostics use for their "divine realm"?
    unknown realm

3. Who do Gnostics believe are allowed to have salvation?
    Only those who follow the rules as described in the teachings
    Only those who truly want it
    Only those who have the divine knowledge of necromancy
    Only those with the spark from the pleroma and the knowledge of that spark

4. From where does the term Gnosticism come?
    it is an ancient word meaning "to the heart of the matter"
    from the Hebrew for "understanding"
    from the Greek for "knowledge"
    no one really knows, but this is how it was described during the second century

5. As seen through the writing of Irenaeus, a major story of Gnostic belief has strong resemblances to the first tale told in which book of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)?

6. What is the name of the creator of this earth (as opposed the supreme creator of all) according to Gnostics?

7. According to the Gnostic beliefs, who is the mother of the creator of the earth?

8. Second-century Gnostics considered themselves Christians. How can this be?
    They were initially Jews who all became Christian
    They believed Jesus had the spark from the pleroma
    They believed in Jesus because of his miraculous works
    They had the knowledge that Christianity was correct

9. According to Gnostic writings as recounted by Irenaeus, why did Judas betray Jesus?
    To ensure his own salvation
    Because he was annoyed that Jesus told him not to do it
    Because he drew the short straw when the disciples were deciding who had to do it
    For vengeance on Jesus

10. Who are the "rulers" of the divine realm, according to the Gnostics?
    The Unknowable One and Simoli
    Louise and Abraham
    Sophia and Ialdabaoth
    The Unnameable Parent and Barbelo

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