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Edit My Quiz - "Twilight Princess"

Created by kyleisalive

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Edit My Quiz  Twilight Princess game quiz
"It may seem like I know what I'm talking about, but not everything I tell you is true. I know, it's cruel, but it's your turn to sift through and find my factual errors so that I can send it to the queue. "Twilight Princess" is for the Wii. Good luck!"

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1. "Twilight Princess" is a game filled with unique locations and challenging quests, but part of the game's charm comes from the various characters met along the way. From the start, Link knows the residents of Ordon Village, from the mayor, Bo, who gives the hero the Iron Boots, to the young, yet mature infant, Malo, who opens up their own franchise in Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town. As Link crosses Hyrule, he will come to recognize the friendly faces of others including Falbi and Fyer, who run their own businesses on Lake Hylia to Yeto and his wife, Yeta, who spend their free time rolling down Snowpeak to their home within the area's dungeon.

Which of these facts in this paragraph is incorrect?
    Mayor Bo does not give Link the Iron Boots, but instead, he gives him an Empty Bottle.
    Falbi owns a business at Lake Hylia, but Fyer is found in Northern Hyrule Field.
    Malo's shops are in Kakariko Village and Ordon Village.
    Yeto and Yeta use icy leaves to slide down Snowpeak; they don't roll.

2. Nothing may be more fascinating than traveling around Hyrule for the first time. In wolf form, Link must travel through a twilit image of the world around him, defeating enemies that many people can't even fathom in the real world. In many cases, it is not possible for Link to be in his true form in the twilight, so Midna will ride him through Hyrule, allowing Link to use some of her powers. As soon as Link departs from the woods in the south, he will head to the northwest and Kakariko Village to find the children of Ordon Village in the care of Renado. Going around Hyrule in a counter-clockwise pattern, he will also encounter other areas afflicted by the twilight, including Hyrule Castle Town and Lake Hylia. Link does not need to encounter the twilight involuntarily in the Gerudo Desert and Snowpeak Province.

Which fact is wrong here?
    During Link's first visit to Gerudo Valley, it is covered in twilight.
    Hyrule Castle Town is never found in twilight.
    The children of Ordon Village are found in the care of Telma.
    Link initially travels around Hyrule in a clockwise direction.

3. Hyrule is architecturally unique in the sense that many of the aged structures found about the lands are intricate, well-built, or rather large. The Great Hylian Bridge, for example has stood the tests of time. Link will need to plunge off this bridge during one battle in order to survive a Bulblin attack. Of course, the landing is broken by the dried-up Lake Hylia below. Because of the disappearance of Lanayru, the local spirit, there seems to the somewhat of a drought. Another wonder is Snowpeak Ruins. Built to last, this fort houses Yeto and Yeta, and becomes the fifth dungeon of the game. A sturdy, well-furnished living room houses the fifth dungeon boss battle of the game, and despite the pummeling the structure takes, not damage is really done. Arbiter's Grounds and the Mirror Chamber located therein have also withstood ages of erosion. This is where Link finds the Spinner.

I know something is wrong here, but I can't pick it out. What's the wrong bit of info?
    The Spinner is obtained in Lakebed Temple.
    Snowpeak Ruins is the sixth dungeon of the game.
    Link jumps off the Great Hylian Bridge in order to flee from the Twilit Bloat.
    The boss battle in Snowpeak Ruins is within a bedroom.

4. Forest Temple, being the first dungeon of the game, may be regarded as the easiest although it may get confusing at times. In order to cross windy canyons, spider-filled caves, and leafy bridges, Link needs to obtain the level's weapon, the Gale Boomerang. In order to do this, he must beat the first boss of the dungeon, Diababa, who will use the weapon until they are defeated. As Link progresses through the various dungeons of the game, he will have to fight many other dangerous creatures including Aeralfos, Dangoro the Goron, and Stallord, the boss of Arbiter's Grounds. Link enters the Temple of Time alongside Ooccoo of the Oocca tribe, but he doesn't meet the other members of the tribe until visiting the City in the Sky.

The facts aren't straight here either. What's wrong with this synopsis?
    Stallord is not the boss of the Arbiter's Grounds.
    Link enters the Arbiter's Grounds alongside Ooccoo.
    Dangoro is a Zora; not a Goron.
    Diababa does not carry the Gale Boomerang.

5. In this game, Link finds weapons that have never before been seen in "Zelda" games. The Spinner, for example, allows Link to cross otherwise uncrossable areas by hovering on a spinning disc. Using specialized tracks, Link can also use the device to transport him up rock faces, walls, or obstacles. The Ball and Chain are also quite unfamiliar. Found in Snowpeak Ruins, this object is heavy enough to break through walls of ice and other walls of lesser integrity. The Dominion Rod, originally found in the Palace of Twilight, isn't used as much as other objects in the game, but its power is immense, allowing players to transport/move large inanimate objects.

This paragraph is short and sweet, but it's still somewhat incorrect. Where was I in error?
    The Dominion Rod is obtained in the Temple of Time.
    The Dominion Rod shoots fire; it can't make things move.
    The Ball and Chain can't break through ice; it's too heavy to throw.
    The Spinner can't run on a track.

6. Throughout the game, Link needs to obtain many items that are necessary in completing the main quest or secondary quests that allow for further progression. One such item is Ilia's Charm, which ends up becoming Link's Horse Call. In order to get this however, Link must rescue Ilia from the Hidden Village, and show her Ashei's Sketch. The Hawkeye, bought from Malo Mart, is used to increase sight when Link uses a ranged weapon such as the Hero's Bow. It can be purchased for 100 Rupees.

What error would warrant a correction in this case?
    Ilia's Charm does not turn into the Horse Call.
    Link finds the Hawkeye in a Lantern Cavern north of Kakariko Village.
    The Hawkeye costs 150 Rupees.
    Ilia doesn't need to view Ashei's Sketch to give her charm to Link.

7. The bosses of the game are plentiful, and they certainly amount to a headache for Link. Situated at the end of their respective temples and dungeons, the various large creatures residing there can be difficult unless you have a set plan. Fyrus, the boss of the Goron Mines, is a strange case. Fyrus is actually the Goron known as Darbus, who has been attacked by a Twilit Parasite. Link needs to make use of the Iron Boots and Gale Boomerang in order to defeat this beast. The Twilit Aquatic boss of the Lakebed Temple, Morpheel, is unique as well, being the only boss in the game to be fought underwater. The Iron Boots are required for this battle as well, but the Clawshot is also needed.

Alas! Another error! What's wrong with this paragraph?
    Fyrus is actually the Twilit form of Dangoro; not Darbus.
    The Clawshot is not obtained until after Morpheel is defeated, and is thus unused in the battle.
    Morpheel is not the only boss fought underwater.
    The Gale Boomerang is not required for the battle against Fyrus.

8. Hyrule is home to unnatural creatures, many of which will hinder Link's passage in his journey. To begin, Chilfos are confusing creatures. Originally found in the snowier regions of Hyrule, they act similar to Stalfos, a common "Legend of Zelda" enemy. Stalfos are also found in this game though, as early as the Forest Temple. Lizalfos are an incarnation of these as well, and they use various weapons, including an axe tail, to get the job done. One unique enemy (or two) would be Zant's Hands. As Link moves through the Palace of Twilight, these hands will attempt to reclaim two Sol Orbs found in the dungeon. These can not be defeated unless you exit their respective domains.

Ugh. Another error, but where?
    Chilfos are only found in Lakebed Dungeon.
    There are three Sol Orbs in the Palace of Twilight.
    Stalfos aren't found until the Arbiter's Grounds.
    Zant's Hands can be defeated with the Dominion Rods.

9. The land of Hyrule is home to some great treasures, but in order to obtain them, Link must partake in some of the local pastimes. Fishing, for example, can be done around the bend of the Zora River. Here, Link can hire a boat, work to upgrade the lures for his Fishing Rod from Ordon Village, or play a small mini-game, known as RollGoal. Another hobby Link may wish to consider is bug collecting. If Link collects all twenty-four different bugs around Hyrule, he can give them to Agitha in Hyrule Castle Town in exchange for the Giant Wallet, which can hold 1,000 rupees. One important sidequest to note is the seven swordsmanship techniques taught to Link by Hero's Shade. The first of these can be found outside Link's house near Ordon Village.

One error to note here as well, but which is it?
    The Giant Wallet holds 999 rupees.
    There are twenty-six bugs to collect in Hyrule.
    RollGoal is not played at the fishing hut; it's in Kakariko Village.
    The first encounter with Hero's Shade is outside the Forest Temple.

10. Zant's puppet master, Ganon, is revealed to be the final boss of the game. Upon reaching the highest point in Hyrule Castle, Link will come across Ganondorf and his captive Princess Zelda. Upon Link's arrival, he will abruptly use Princess Zelda to do his bidding in the first part of the battle, taking control of her like he did with Zant. After attacking her, Ganon takes matters into his own hands, becoming a dark beast that crashes around the inner sanctum of the castle. During this part of the battle, Ganon will leap out of portals in the room, and Link must use the Clawshot to bring him down and sword him. After this, the battle progresses to Hyrule Field, where Ganon will attack from a trusty steed. Zelda assists in this matter, using Light Arrows to subdue the boss. Following this, one final swordfight between the protector of Hyrule and the dark lord will begin, and the completion of this finishes the game.

At last the game is complete. One error remains though. What is it?
    Zelda does not use Light Arrows during the horse chase with Ganondorf.
    None of these are errors. The paragraph is flawless- job well done!
    The final battle is completed in the ruins of Hyrule Castle- not Hyrule Field.
    While fighting the beast form of Ganon, the Clawshot is not required.

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