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The US and French Revolutions

Created by wiccan-boi

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The US and French Revolutions game quiz
"Hey! I decided to make this quiz while the questions and answers are still fresh in my memory ... How well do you know the causes, characters and effects of the both US and French Revolutions?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The American colonists paid taxes to England but were not allowed to elect Members of Parliament.


2. Who was king of Britain at the time of the US revolution?

    George Washington
    James II
    Louis XVI
    George III

3. The _________ colonists expressed their desire to stop being __________ colonies in the Declaration of Independence.
    Canadian; American
    British; American
    American; British
    French; British

4. The Boston Tea Party showed that the colonists were angry about _______ on their favorite hot drink.
    mint flavour
    ice cubes

5. Louis XVI helped the American colonists against Britain because he wanted his people to follow the example of the Americans, which eventually happened.

6. Which of these was NOT a reason that the French people were angry with Louis XVI?
    He tried to change their religion
    He spent too much money on his wife
    Too many taxes
    The nobles didn't have to pay taxes

7. Which of these was NOT an idea that inspired the French revolution?
    Absolutism is the best type of government
    Government Should Serve the People

8. Which of these did NOT happen when Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried to escape from France?
    They were caught at a restaurant
    They tried to carry too much money and jewels
    They traveled with servants
    They arrived in England but were sent back

9. This was the document that Britain signed after the US revolution that recognized the colonies' independence.
    Declaration of Independence
    Magna Carta
    Treaty of Paris

10. Which of these is NOT true about the Reign of Terror in France?
    It ended with the death of the man who was responsible for it
    More than 18,000 people were killed
    It was directed by Marat
    The French people eventually got tired of it

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