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Tokio Hotel

Created by dikas

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Tokio Hotel game quiz
"Welcome to Tokio Hotel's music quiz. Enjoy and have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Tokio Hotel come from a town in Germany, which one?

2. How old was Tom Kaulitz when he started playing guitar?

3. When the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz met Georg and Gustav in 2001, they decided to create a band. What was its name?
    Answer: (One word - think 666)

4. Tokio Hotel's first album is called...
    Durch Den Monsun
    Zimmer 483
    Leb die Sekunde

5. 2007 was a great year for Tokio Hotel. Why?
    They toured with Silverchair
    They released their first international album in English.
    They added a new band member: Andreas
    They became the youngest members on the Rock Hall of Fame

6. On March 2008, Bill Kaulitz became sick and had to undergo a surgery because...
    He had a cysts on his right vocal chord
    He had a cysts on his left vocal cord
    He had a laryngitis
    He had an acute faringitis

7. Tokio Hotel was such a great hit in Germany that sales of the teenage magazine "Bravo" rose by 15% just by following the band since the beginning of their career.

8. What's the name of Bill's toy plane?

9. Who writes most of the songs from Tokio Hotel's albums?
    Answer: (Twin)

10. In 2007, Tokio Hotel won their first MTV Europe Music Awards, in which category?
    Best InterAct
    Best Rock
    Best Group
    Best Song

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Compiled Jun 28 12