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Remember Me? -B-

Created by doomed

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Remember Me B game quiz
"These people lived at some stage during the twentieth century, but do you have any idea who the following ten people with the letter B as either first, middle or surname are?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This Irish painter first came to prominence when he exhibited his 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of the Crucifixion' (1944). The twisted, animal like bodies with human heads were seen as a disturbing reminder, to a post-war audience, of human bestiality, but who was this controversial character?
    Christy Brown
    Francis Bacon
    Bernard Mulrenin
    John Butler Yeats

2. This American folk singer spearheaded the resurgence of folk music in the USA in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Who was it that sang "We Shall Overcome"?
    Jeff Black
    Harry Belafonte
    Big Bill Broonzy
    Joan Baez

3. Ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds to become the first human to run the distance under four minutes. Who was this knight?
    Answer: (Two Words)

4. This South African performed the first human heart transplant in 1967. Who was the man responsible for keeping his second patient alive a further two years?
    Beresford Egan
    Marius Barnard
    Christiaan Barnard
    Robert Broom

5. Nicknamed 'der Kaiser' this German International Football star became the first person to win the FIFA World Cup as team Captain (1974) and later coach (1990).
But who was this versatile superstar of the beautiful game?
    Lothar Matthäus
    Helmut Schön
    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
    Franz Beckenbauer

6. This American novelist is famed for writing 'The Martian Chronicles' which depicted Earth's efforts to colonise Mars, but who was this talented writer who captured the imagination of millions world wide?
    Bruce Cordell
    Bruce Bethke
    Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Ray Bradbury

7. Arguably the greatest cricket player to ever play, but who was the man that ended with a first class batting average of 99.94?
    Donald Bradman
    Brian Lara
    Ian Botham
    Billy Doctrove

8. An exponent of post war 'Ostpolitik', a policy aimed at improving relations with East Germany, Poland, and the Soviet Union, this German politician led Western Germany 1969-1974. Who was it?
    Bruno Pittermann
    Willy Brandt
    Bernhard von Bülow
    Heinrich Brüning

9. This inventor devised the popular game 'Scrabble'. Who was it?
    Alfred Butts
    Tony Bath
    James Brunot
    Bruno Faidutti

10. A "drunk" they said, a "homosexual" they claimed, and a "traitor" to the crown they proved, this British spy sold secrets to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Who was this member of the infamous Cambridge Five spy group and the son of a British Naval officer?
    Guy Burgess
    George Blake
    Anthony Blunt
    Edward Bancroft

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Compiled Jan 01 13