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Tudor Clothing

Created by princess_1990

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Tudor Clothing game quiz
"Tudor clothing is notorious for its bulkiness and ridiculous appearance. Several layers were required to create a perfect Tudor outfit. Do you know how to dress like a Tudor?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Hoods were worn most of the time by noble women during the early half of the sixteenth century. Anne Boleyn made what type of hood famous?
    Gable hood
    French hood
    Spanish hood
    Italian hood

2. The bodice went around what area of the body?
    Chest and waist

3. What was 'hose'?
    Tight pants that were fitted to the legs
    Cloaks worn by noblemen
    Boots worn by men for hunting

4. The farthingale served what function?
    To keep the hair away from the face
    To lift the skirts into a bell shape
    To add height to men's shoes so they looked taller
    To make the waist thinner by squeezing it

5. A doublet was a type of woman's shoe.

6. When did women usually wear a shift?
    All of these
    While bathing
    At night during sleep
    During the day, under the clothing

7. Ruffs were made popular by what Tudor monarch?
    Edward VI
    Henry VIII
    Elizabeth I
    Mary I

8. Most men wore a hat of some kind every day. This type of hat was very common at the Tudor court, and was a personal favorite of Henry VIII.
    Gable cap
    Flat cap
    French cap
    Long cap

9. Jewelry, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces, were extremely popular at the Tudor court.

10. The term "pants" was not used in the sixteenth century. Instead, they were called this.
    Leg Sleeves

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