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Remember Me? -D-

Created by doomed

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Remember Me D game quiz
"These people lived at some stage during the twentieth century, but do you have any idea who these ten people with the letter D as either first, middle or surname are?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1938 I was leader of France, and with reluctance signed the Munich Agreement allowing Germany to annexe part of Czechoslovakia. I was somewhat swayed by my British counterpart, Neville Chamberlain to sign, but was never really happy with it. I returned to Paris expecting hostility but instead I received acclaim! I turned to my aide, and with a heavy heart I said "Ah, les cons (the fools)!" Do you remember me?
    Charles Daniélou
    Edouard Daladier
    Yvon Delbos
    Gaston Doumergue

2. I was a co-founder of the American Railway Union (1893) and served a jail sentence for my part in 'obstructing the US mail' during the Pullman strike. I was seen as a militant socialist. I even ran for President in 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912 and 1920 and gained over a million votes against Woodrow Wilson in 1912, some 6% of the vote, the highest ever recorded vote for a Socialist, but do you remember me?
    George Dewey
    Eugene Debs
    John W. Davis
    David Clohessy

3. I joined the German Navy in 1910 and during the Great War I was a member of the U-boat service that destroyed Allied shipping. When Hitler came to power the U-boat service was restored and I was given the task of taking on the Royal Navy. It was thought in early 1943 that the British were on their knees and I was appointed Commander in Chief of the German Navy in March of that year. When Hitler died I became his successor for twenty days before I authorised the surrender of my nation. I was tried for War Crimes at Nuremberg and sent to prison where I stayed until 1956, but do you remember me?
    Werner Drechsler
    Johannes Dieckmann
    Sepp Dietrich
    Karl Dönitz

4. I was born in Indiana to a poor German Catholic family. Times were very hard and at 15 I decided to move to Chicago to seek a career in journalism. In 1900 I had my first novel 'Sister Carrie' withheld from circulation due to its contents about a working girl that enjoyed social success through her sexuality. In 1925 however, my work 'American Tragedy' did get published and threw me into the psyche of the American literature establishment. Do you remember me?
    Dennis Schmitt
    Theodore Dreiser
    Paul Dresser
    David Eckstein

5. I am famous for playing the trumpet and making jazz really cool. In February 1955, with my friend John Coltrane, I played at the Newport Jazz Festival and things changed dramatically. We had made it big time, but can you remember me, the 'King of Cool'?
    Answer: (Two Words)

6. I was part of the Everton Football Club side that won the English Championship in 1927. In that amazing season I set a record that will probably stand for eternity where I scored 60 League goals in 39 matches. In 1930 my club was relegated to the second division, but gained promotion a year later back to the top flight, where in 1932 we won the League once again. I scored more goals than games played in an England shirt and was voted one of the greatest 100 players of the 20th century, but can you remember me?
    Denis Law
    Ted Drake
    Dixie Dean
    Dave Halliday

7. 1905 was a great year for France, I was born! Yes, Normandy is not just famed for being a place for the D-Day landings, nor where William conquered England from in 1066. I am seen by many as one of the 20th century's great fashion designers. Let it be known that "I have designed flower women." Do you remember me, the one who brought the "New Look" to the world?
    Jacques Doucet
    Christian Dior
    Daniel Hechter
    Dominique Sirop

8. I survived the 'Long March' of 1934-35. I later became General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in 1956, but was ousted during the Cultural Revolution of 1966-69. However, I came back in 1973 as Vice-Premier, before in 1976 the Gang of Four removed me from that post, only for me to return a year later. Do you remember me?
    Yang Dezhi
    Mao Ze Dong
    Deng Xiao Ping
    Deng Yingchao

9. I am Spartacus but I am also Issur Danielovitch and I have graced the big screen since, well, time began, ok ok since around 1946. Do you remember me?
    Answer: (Two Words)

10. I founded the Cheka, the Bolshevik Secret Police which was later to become the Russian KGB, and basically put to death any social hooliganism that might have caused unrest to my leader Lenin, and to end any threat to the rise of Communism. How dare you forget me?!
    Yakov Davydov
    Semyon Denisovich Ignatiev
    Dmitry Nikolaevich Medvedev
    Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky

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Compiled Jan 01 13