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On The Town

Created by drama123

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On The Town game quiz
"A quiz about the 1949 movie version of a fabulous musical!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The movie opens with the ship docking and the sailors disembarking. We are introduced to our heroes. After they sing of their awe of the city, they talk of girls they hope to hook up with. Who does Ozzie say is waiting for Gabey in New York?
    Rita Hayworth
    Ava Gardner
    Ann Miller
    Kathryn Grayson

2. The sailors travel on the Subway where Gabey falls for Ivy Smith, a local girl. She holds the title of Miss Turnstiles, and from the poster we learn her talents. Where does she study painting and dancing?
    On her own, with a renowned teacher
    At the museums, Symphonic Hall
    With Monet, with Fontaine
    At a class, at a theatre

3. The boys rush to find Ivy after Gabey has a brief encounter with her. They meet Chip's gal Hildy, who is a female cab driver in New York. What is her full title?
    Brunehilde Hazy
    Brunhilde Esterhazy
    Brunehilde Ester
    Hildy Esterhazy

4. The boys and new found friend Hildy go in search of Miss Turnstiles (AKA Ivy) in a mad dash around the museums. At the museum of Anthropologistical History, they meet Claire who gets together with Ozzie. Who does Hildy mistake Claire for when she says that she 'was doing a bit of research'?
    Dr Maury
    Dr Kinsey
    Dr Laura
    Dr Phil

5. The gang split up to find Ivy. Ozzie and Claire go to look her up in the social register and Gabey goes to search. Hildy and Chip end up alone and Chip gets Hildy to show him the sights of the city. His guide book is outdated, so where does he sing that the highest point in the city is?
    The Hippodrome
    The Woolworth Tower
    The Empire State Building
    The Pentagon

6. Gabey goes to Symphonic Hall to find Ivy after the group splits up. He finds her practising her ballet with her teacher, where she reveals some important secrets that are useful to the plot. What is Ivy's ballet pianist's name?
    Mme. Dilyovska
    Mme. Dodyovska
    Mme. Fontaine
    Mme. Fantine

7. Mme. Dilyovska leaves and Gabey and Ivy dance and fall in love. They arrange to meet later that night, but where do they arrange to meet?
    In Central Park
    Top of the Empire State
    At the Hippodrome
    In the White House

8. The group reconvenes on top of the Empire State building. Earlier in the movie, Ozzie broke a dinosaur skeleton at the museum where they met Claire. To escape the curator and the police who come looking, how do the group hide Ozzie?
    Having him leave the building
    Having him stand behind them
    By hanging him off the building
    Having him impersonate a woman

9. Ivy joins the group and they go to 'paint the town red'. Ivy knows she can only stay till 11:30pm when she must be somewhere else. She leaves without explanation when Gabey is talking to some other sailors. Hildy gets Gabey a replacement date. Who is it?
    Her sister Lucy
    Her room-mate Lucy
    Her cousin Lucy
    Her neighbour Lucy

10. The movie ends with everyone finding Ivy working as a dancer at Coney Island, Ozzie getting caught for breaking the dinosaur skeleton at the museum and the boys being made to go back to the ship by the shore police. The final moments of the movie show what?
    Three more sailors singing about the city
    The boys not getting on the ship and staying
    The girls walking away
    The ship pulling away from the dock

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Compiled Jun 28 12