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Legally Blonde 2

Created by bubbylu1

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Legally Blonde 2 game quiz
""Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde", is the best out of the two movies in my opinion. Hope you enjoy my quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the first picture in the scrapbook that Margot made?
    When she was on the cover of "Seventeen"
    Elle's first shopping experience
    First day at Harvard
    Bruisers' first highlights

2. What did Emmet get Elle as a wedding gift?
    A snow globe
    Pink diamond earrings
    A rhinestone collar for Bruiser
    A new hot pink car

3. What did Elle say to herself as she was picking out the final outfit she chose when she was trying on outfits for her first day of work in Washington D.C.?
    Too perfect for words!
    Too Monica.
    Too Hillary.
    That's it, That's the one!

4. What did V.E.R.S.A.C.E. stand for?
    Veterinarian Experimentation Research Science and Critter Exploitation
    Critter Exploitation
    Research Science
    Very Expensive Ritual Service And Clothing Establishment

5. What was the legislation that Elle was trying to pass called?
    Bruiser's Bill
    Bruiser's Rights
    Animal Rights
    Free the Animals

6. Libby Hauser went to the the salon Bontempo.

7. What color was Elle's convertible when she drove off to Washington, DC?
    Bright Pink
    Light Blue

8. What did Elle say that was of the highest importance to America?
    her dog
    the law
    her hair
    her shoes

9. What did Paulette's husband give her at the end of the movie?
    A scholarship to hair university
    A hot dog.
    A hamburger
    New shoes

10. At the end of the movie, Sid Post ended up having take to take Bruiser from Elle.

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Compiled Jun 28 12