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Top Ten Songs of 1998

Created by maddogmaxx

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Top Ten Songs of 1998 game quiz
"Do you remember the top songs from 1998? This quiz looks at the top ten songs from that year as compiled from the "Billboard Magazine" Pop Singles Chart. Have fun and good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Too Close" earned the top spot of 1998 by capturing the top spot for five weeks and spending a staggering 49 weeks in the Top 40. By what group name did R.L., Tweety and T-Low go by?
    After 7

2. The song at number two for the year features Brandy and Monica together on a song that spent 13 weeks at the top and 27 weeks in the Top 40. What were they arguing over in the song?
    where they were going for lunch
    a boy
    a red dress
    a bicycle

3. By the time Shania Twain released "You're Still The One", she had racked up several country mega-hits, three Top 40 pop hits and married record producer "Mutt" Lange. What is Shania's real name?
    Cheryl Twain
    Shania James
    Eileen Edwards
    Sandra Tallgrass

4. Monica's other number one from 1998, "The First Night", comes in at the number four spot for the year. What classic R&B song does it sample?
    "Love On A Two-Way Street"
    "Love To Love You Baby"
    "Love Child"
    "Love Hangover"

5. Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply" accomplished a rare feat by spending a full year on the charts and landed at the fifth spot on the year-end chart. What country is Savage Garden from?

6. What song by Canadian singer Deborah Cox landed at the number six spot for the year?
    "Nobody's Fool"
    "Nobody Knows"
    "Nobody Else"
    "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here"

7. The artist who recorded the number seven song of the year, "Together Again", is no stranger to the pop charts. Which member of the Jackson Family recorded the song?

8. Usher's second pop hit and first chart-topper comes in at number eight for 1998. Who backed him up on "Nice & Slow"?
    Lil John
    Macy Gray
    Snoop Dogg
    Jagged Edge

9. In 1998, R. Kelly teamed up with pop megastar Celine Dion on "I'm Your Angel", which spent six weeks at the top and 15 weeks in the Top 40. It also spent a dozen weeks at number one on what other Billboard chart?
    Adult Contemporary
    Rhythm & Blues

10. The second newcomer among the top ten was a vocal trio from New Jersey. What did Nikki Bratcher, Kia Thornton and Tonia Tash call themselves?
    En Vogue

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