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The Used!

Created by runaway_drive

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The Used game quiz
"This is my first quiz on the amazing rock band The Used! Hope you like it! Here goes..."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these songs contains the lyrics 'just look at me, look at me now'?
    Take It Away
    Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)
    The Taste of Ink
    I'm a Fake

2. On the end of 'Smother Me', what is the hidden track called?
    The Ripper
    Lies for the Liars

3. In 2008 they released a b-side album, but what was it called?
    In Love and Death
    Maybe Memories
    Shallow Believer

4. Which one of these was a b-side on 'Shallow Believer'?
    Dark Delays
    Slit Your Own Throat
    My Suicide
    Angel Beside You

5. Which music video features a Used bookstore?
    Pretty Handsome Awkward
    All That I've Got
    Take It Away
    Buried Myself Alive

6. Their live CD 'Berth' was released in what year?

7. When was the acoustic version of 'Lunacy Fringe' released on iTunes?
    September 2004
    July 2005
    June 2005
    April 2008

8. The lyric 'I'm melting in your eyes' is from which song?
    Sound effects and Overdramatics
    Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)
    I Caught Fire

9. What was the name of the producer of The Used's first two albums?
    Alex Pardee
    Dan Whitesides
    Gil Norton
    John Feldmann

10. The Used and My Chemical Romance covered a song that had been performed by Queen. Which one?
    We Will Rock you
    All Right Now
    We Are The Champions
    Under Pressure

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Compiled Jun 28 12