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"Grey's Anatomy" Season 4

Created by guitargoddess

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Greys Anatomy Season 4 game quiz
"The hit show ran with its fourth season in 2007-2008. See how much you remember, especially from the episodes aired before they were so rudely interrupted by the writers' strike!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What kind of animal did Izzie save in the season opener?
    a parrot
    a deer
    a goldfish
    a raccoon

2. Who died in "Let the Truth Sting"?
    Tyler, the nurse
    Adele Webber
    Really Old Guy

3. Where did Meredith eventually dispose of her mother's ashes?
    near Derek's trailer
    in the scrub room
    in the backyard
    off the side of a ferryboat

4. In "Kung Fu Fighting", two women came into the ER. They were engaged in a contest that involved holding onto something; what was it?
    a rope
    a car key
    a wedding dress
    a drumstick

5. What is the name of the nurse that Derek began dating this season?
    Answer: (1 word, first name only)

6. A major event mid-season happened when two ambulances crashed and overturned in the bay at Seattle Grace. The paramedic in one of the ambulances was embarrassed about a tattoo that he had; what was it of?
    a swastika
    a '666'
    a Star of David
    a swear word

7. Which pair did NOT live together this season?
    Derek and Mark
    George and Lexie
    Cristina and Callie
    Meredith and Izzie

8. In "The Becoming", Cristina went into a weird state after hearing news of Preston Burke's accomplishments. While she was in the morgue harvesting hearts, she began to sing; what song?
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun
    Like a Virgin
    Total Eclipse of the Heart

9. Did Addison return to Seattle Grace this season?

10. Which two female doctors kissed each other in the fourth season finale?
    Answer: (Three Words - first names ONLY)

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Compiled Jun 28 12