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Vikings in England!

Created by pagiedamon

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Vikings in England game quiz
"Did you know that England was conquered by foreigners twice in a span of 53 years? Yes, just a few decades before the Norman Conquest, England fell into the hands of the Vikings."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. King Aethelred of England committed a heinous crime on St. Brice's Day in 1002 A.D. Many historians think that this act ultimately led to the Viking (Danish) conquest of England eleven years later. What was Aethelred's offense?
    He ordered the rape of dozens of high-ranking Danish wives
    He commanded the death of all Danish men living in England
    He killed Sweyn Forkbeard's oldest son
    He kidnapped and impregnated a Danish nun

2. Thorkell the Tall, one of King Sweyn Forkbeard's chief commanders, defected to the English side in 1012 A.D. Which incident (most likely) led to his abandonment of the Danish cause?
    Sweyn Forkbeard refused to give Thorkell more treasure
    He fell in love with a Saxon noblewoman
    He began to feel that the Danes had no right to invade England
    His warriors brutally killed an English archbishop

3. The Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard and his Viking warriors defeated the English in 1013 A.D. Where did Aethelred flee?

4. A major event in 1014 A.D. allowed Aethelred to return to England to reclaim his kingdom. The Danish Conquest was incomplete. What had happened?
    The Normans offered troops to help Aethelred regain his kingdom
    Sweyn Forkbeard faced a substantial Danish rebellion
    Sweyn Forkbeard faced a substantial English rebellion
    Sweyn Forkbeard died unexpectedly

5. What did Canute do to the English hostages in his power, when their representatives decided to support Aethelred again?
    He killed half and let the other half live
    He mutilated them
    He respectfully released them
    He paraded them naked through Sandwich

6. Thorkell the Tall decided to abandon Aethelred in 1014 A.D. He brought nine ships and crews and offered his service to Canute. What do the Scandinavian sagas give as the reason for his return to the Danes?
    He had no respect for Aethelred
    Canute had more money to offer him
    He was Canute's foster-father and could not fight against him
    Aethelred killed his brother Hemming

7. Aethelred died soon after Canute reappeared in England in 1015 A.D. The English chose Aethelred's rebellious son, Edmund Ironside, as their new leader. How had Edmund flouted his father's will shortly before the latter's death?
    He declined to fight any more battles
    He changed battle plans without informing Aethelred
    He refused to bend his knee to his father
    He married the widow of Aethelred's enemy

8. Who won the all-important Battle of Ashingdon?
    The English
    The Vikings
    No one--both sides had to turn tail and run
    Both sides claimed victory

9. When Canute and Edmund Ironside met at Severn, what terms did they agree to?
    To fight a one-on-one battle to the death
    Edmund would pay Canute to return to Denmark
    They would exchange sisters in marriage to one another
    To divide the country between the two of them

10. The Danish conquest was finally, and totally, complete by 1016 A.D. What event guaranteed the Vikings full control of England?
    Edmund Ironside abdicated in favor of Canute
    Edmund Ironside died inexplicably
    Edmund Ironside was murdered by his wife
    None of these

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