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Future Farmers of America (FFA) Knowledge

Created by calbert_05

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Future Farmers of America FFA Knowledge game quiz
"This quiz is full of information about the FFA."

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1. In 1989, the Future Farmers of America changed its name to the National FFA Organization.

2. Where was the 80th National FFA Convention held?
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Nashville, Tennessee

3. What are the official colors of the FFA?
    National Blue and Corn Gold
    Navy Blue and Corn Yellow
    Blue and Yellow
    Dark Blue and Corn Gold

4. At which convention was the FFA Creed adopted?

5. How many FFA jackets are manufactured every year?
    less than 50,000
    more than 55,000
    more than 60,000
    more than 50,000

6. When was the National FFA Foundation, Inc. founded?

7. When is the fiscal year of the organization?
    January 1 through December 31
    September 31 through August 1
    June 15 through August 15
    September 1 through August 31

8. Where is the treasurer stationed?
    by the emblem of Washington
    by the emblem of Lincoln
    by the flag
    by the plow

9. Other than the President (and the Chaplain in the Pennsylvania FFA), what office speaks during closing ceremonies?
    Vice President

10. What order should medals/awards be placed under the name on an FFA jacket.
    current office; highest degree; highest award
    highest degree; highest office; highest award
    highest award; highest office; highest degree
    highest office; highest award; highest degree

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