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Dolphin History

Created by Dolfantasy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Miami Dolphins
Dolphin History game quiz
"Dolphin Stuff!"

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1. What pro team drafted Dolphin QB Dan Marino first?
    Arizona Wranglers
    Chicago Blitz
    Kansas City Royals
    New Jersey Generals

2. Larry Little first played for which team?
    Atlanta Falcons
    Dallas Cowboys
    Houston Oilers
    San Diego Chargers

3. This star died in a car crash in Texas, one year after joining the Dolphins.
    David Overstreet
    Larry Gordon
    Rusty Chambers
    Ernie Rhone

4. What round did the Dolphins draft Mark Clayton?

5. He was the last Dolphin to finish second in conference rushing.
    Andra Franklin
    Karim Abdul Jabbar
    Delvin Williams
    Larry Csonka

6. What was the score of the Dolphin-Chief game played by scabs and won by Miami?

7. Who nearly won Super Bowl XVII when he batted a pass in the air and watched it come down into his hands in the end zone?
    AJ Duhe
    Doug Betters
    Bob Baumhower
    Kim Bokamper

8. What receiver owns the Dolphin record for longest TD reception in the Super Bowl?
    Mark Clayton
    Jimmy Cefalo
    Mark Duper
    Howard Twilley

9. What player caused the career ending injury for Hall of Famer Dwight Stephenson?
    Marty Lyons
    Fred Smerlas
    Joe Klecko
    Jim Burt

10. His 36 yard 4th down run in the playoffs turn the tide against the Steelers in 1972. Who was he?
    Jim Mandich
    Larry Seiple
    Garo Yepremian
    Mercury Morris

11. Prior to the Marks Brothers, he was the last Dolphin to play in the Pro Bowl. Who was he?
    Paul Warfield
    Nat Moore
    Duriel Harris
    Howard Twilley

12. What are the most wins posted in a non-playoff season for the Dolphins?

13. How many TDs did Dan Marino throw in his first NFL appearance?

14. What player nearly sacked Ken Stabler before the Snake threw the game winning TD in the 1974 playoffs?
    Nick Buoniconti
    Manny Fernandez
    Vern Den Herder
    Bill Stanfill

15. Against what team did the Dolphins play in an announcerless network broadcast?
    Baltimore Colts
    Kansas City Chiefs
    New England Patriots
    New York Jets

16. Paul Warfield set a Dolphin record for TD receptions in a game with 4 against what team?
    Oakland Raiders
    Detroit Lions
    Dallas Cowboys
    Buffalo Bills

17. What team ended the streak of consecutive Dolphins wins in 1973?
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Oakland Raiders
    Dallas Cowboys
    Baltimore Colts

18. Don Shula went belligerent during a Monday night football game against the Eagles when refs muffed a call two plays in a row while the Dolphins were punting. Who was the punter?
    George Roberts
    Reggie Roby
    Larry Seiple
    Tom Orosz

19. What ex-NFL head coach was seen on the sidelines as an assistant, laughing and holding a 'choke' sign after the Dolphins missed an extra point that would have tied the score late in a game?
    Ray Perkins
    Art Shell
    Les Steckel
    Pete Carroll

20. What Dolphin back busted off two long TD runs in a Monday night game againsts the Jets?
    Mercury Morris
    Sammie Smith
    Lorenzo Hampton
    Leroy Kelly

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