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The Dark Knight

Created by Matthew_07

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Dark Knight, The (2008)
The Dark Knight game quiz
""Why so serious?" Christopher Nolan came out with another masterpiece. Christian Bale returned as everybody's favorite superhero, Batman, and he took on the notorious villain, the Joker, portrayed by the late Heath Ledger."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The movie began with the scene where six men, in their clown masks, robbed a bank. They killed one another to get a larger cut of the money. In the end, one man remained and he took off his mask only to reveal his true identity - the notorious Joker. What mode of transportation did he use to escape from the bank?
    A train
    A helicopter
    A boat
    A school bus

2. Several men, who dressed up in Batman costumes, showed up in the meeting between the Scarecrow and the mob members. The fight broke up and eventually the real Batman saved the day. However, he was attacked and wounded by what animals?
    Wild boars
    Polar bears

3. The Joker told the public that he would start killing innocent people until Batman revealed his true identity. Batman figured out that the Joker's next target was Anthony Garcia, the mayor. During that intense moment, Gordon dived in front and saved Anthony. In the midst of the panic scene, the police managed to capture one of the men. While Harvey Dent interrogated that man, whose name did he see on that man's uniform's name-tag?
    Bruce Wayne
    Lucius Fox
    Harvey Dent
    Rachel Dawes

4. The citizens were terrified at the sight of the brutal killings happening in the street. Bruce knew the Joker wanted him and he was ready to reveal his identity to the public. Nonetheless, who stepped up and said that he was Batman?

5. The Joker was eventually apprehended by the policemen, after the chase scene between the Joker and the Batman. What thing did the Joker put inside his cell mate's stomach, which he later used to help him escape from the prison?
    A cell phone
    A calculator
    A countdown timer
    A watch

6. The Joker told Bruce that he had kidnapped both Harvey and Rachel and had them placed in two different locations. It was up to Bruce now to determine who he should save. Bruce chose Rachel but when he opened the door he found that it was actually Harvey who was behind the door. Bruce saved Harvey but the latter's face was burnt. He woke up in the hospital and he was approached by the Joker, who was dressed up as a nurse. What nickname did Harvey call himself?

7. The Joker carried out his next plan, where he forced two ferries to leave Gotham. One of them carried prisoners while the other one carried innocent citizens. The Joker said he was going to conduct a social experiment that night. Every person on both of the ferries had the chance to detonate the other ferry. They were given the time until midnight. If none of them made the move, then both of the ferries would explode. All the people on both ferries faced the dilemma and did not dare to kill off all the passengers in the other ferry. In the end, which ferry exploded?
    Both ferries exploded.
    The ferry with prisoners exploded.
    The ferry with innocent citizens exploded.
    Both ferries were safe.

8. By using the sonar idea of Lucius Fox, Bruce transformed the citizen's cell phones into detecting and monitoring devices, to find out the Joker's location. Bruce said that if the Joker talked within the vicinity of a phone, Lucius could triangulate his location. Bruce said this great task could only be done by one person, who was Lucius himself. According to Bruce, what words should Lucius type in after he finished using the system?
    "Bruce Wayne"
    "Lucius Fox"
    "I am done."
    "The Joker is dead."

9. Harvey was devastated after Rachel's death. He kidnapped Gordon's wife and two kids. In the scene where he met Gordon, he said that he was going to let Gordon feel what he had felt when Rachel died. Harvey grabbed one of Gordon's kids and threatened to kill him. Did the kid die in the end?

10. In the ending scene, Gordon's child asked his father why Batman was running away. Gordon replied, "He is not a hero, he is a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a ______." Fill in the quote.
    Answer: (Two Words (4-letter adjective and 6-letter noun))

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