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Taste of Chicago

Created by jensping

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Taste of Chicago game quiz
"Chicago is a great place to eat. Test your knowledge of the food and places associated with Chicago-style good eats."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following toppings would NOT be found on a classic Chicago hot dog?
    Celery Salt

2. The original deep-dish pizza was created at what Chicago restaurant in 1943?
    Pizzeria Uno
    Father & Son Pizza
    Italian Village

3. Chicagoans love sloppy sandwiches. What best describes an "Italian Beef"?
    Cheeseburger topped with melted mozzarella
    All-beef Italian sausage smothered with marinara
    Rib-eye steak sandwich served with pesto mayonnaise
    Thin-sliced roast beef, dipped in gravy

4. What sliced lamb sandwich - Chicago style - is topped with tzatziki sauce?
    Welsh rarebit
    Cuban Sandwich
    French Dip

5. What tavern is famous for both its "cheezborgers" and for its curse on the Chicago Cubs?
    The Cubby Bear
    The Pump Room
    The Billy Goat Tavern

6. The world's largest food festival is held yearly in Chicago, coinciding with what holiday?
    July 4th
    Labor Day
    Memorial Day
    Venetian Nights

7. Chicken Vesuvio is found on most Italian restaurant's menus and the recipe is said to have been a Chicago creation. What best describes this dish?
    Chicken topped with marinara sauce and covered with melted parmesan cheese
    Breaded chicken strips served with hot peppers gardiniera
    Buttermilk fried chicken served with white gravy
    Chicken served with potato wedges sauteed in garlic, oregano and olive oil

8. What famous road is home to Chicago's famous polish sausage?
    State Street
    Maxwell Street
    Michigan Avenue
    Lake Shore Drive

9. When a Chicagoan wants to purchase a carbonated beverage, what term do they use to describe it?
    Fizzy Drinks
    Soft Drinks

10. What fast-food giant has their corporate headquarters in a Chicago suburb?
    Burger King

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