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Banned By The Beeb: Songs They Wouldn't Play

Created by darksplash

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Banned By The Beeb Songs They Wouldnt Play game quiz
"The British Broadcasting Corporation (a.k.a. 'The Beeb') has for decades been Britain's leading music broadcaster. Over the years 'Auntie' (as it is also known) has courted controversy by banning various records."

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1. Which song by a punk rock band was banned by the BBC during the Queen's Jubilee celebrations of 1977?
    Rule Britannia
    Land Of Hope And Glory
    God Save The Queen
    England, My England

2. Which of these songs was pulled off BBC playlists during the first Gulf War, years after it was a Eurovision song contest winner?
    What's Another Year
    All Kinds of Everything
    Boom Bang A Bang
    Puppet On A String

3. It's hard to believe Part One: The Byrds had a song banned in Britain by the BBC in 1966. What was it called?
    Chimes of Freedom
    Eight Miles High
    Jesus Is Just Alright
    Ballad Of Easy Rider

4. It's hard to believe Part Two: Frankie Laine had a song banned in the UK by the BBC in 1953. What was it called?
    Two Loves Have I
    Answer Me
    Strange Lady in Town

5. It was described by one of Radio One's top DJs as "disgusting". Which UK number one hit was banned by the BBC in 1984?
    Comes A-Long A-Love
    Tell Laura I Love Her
    Bad To Me

6. Banning records was always something that could be counter-productive: the controversy often increased sales. Which was the first song to reach Number one in the UK charts after it was banned by the BBC?
    A Sinner Am I
    Are You Sure?
    Ooh! Aah! Oh!
    Such A Night

7. Sometimes the reasons for banning a song could be obvious, but why was Perry Como's "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" banned by the BBC?
    It was perceived to be mocking Judy Garland
    It claimed there was no Santa Claus
    It was based on a classical tune
    It was perceived to be promoting homosexuality

8. Which song looked set for a high chart place before it was pulled from the BBC's playlists and removed from record shops following the death of Diana Princess of Wales?
    Summer Smash
    The Car Song
    Lord Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz
    Crawling From The Wreckage

9. Which song by Wings was considered so political that it was banned?
    Give Ireland Back To The Irish
    Heart Of The Country
    Junior's Farm
    Tug Of War

10. No quiz on banned songs would be complete without "Je t'aime... moi non plus" by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. Jane Birkin was not, however, the first female vocalist on the song; who was?
    Pat Benatar
    Petula Clarke
    Brigitte Bardot
    Dionne Warwick

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