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Camp Rock

Created by missdynamite

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Camp Rock game quiz
"This quiz is about the Disney Channel original movie, "Camp Rock", starring Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. Enjoy! =D"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of Mitchie's mother?

2. Do we ever see Mitchie's dad in the movie?

3. During the performance of 'Too Cool', apart from Mitchie, Peggy and Ella, how many dancers does Tess have on stage?

4. Which of the following is not a 'jam' at Camp Rock?
    Pyjama Jam
    Opening Night Jam
    Campfire Jam
    Party Jam

5. Mitchie's dad owns a hardware store.

6. At the beginning of the movie, when Mitchie is at school, her friend, Sierra, says something to her in Mandarin. But, in English, what did she say?
    You're my best friend, Mitchie!
    Happy Summer, Mitchie!
    I love you, Mitchie!
    You're the best, Mitchie!

7. During Caitlyn's performance at the 'Pyjama Jam', Tess gets jealous because Shane is watching Caitlyn. So, what does she do to interrupt the performance and get Shane's attention?
    She walks over to Shane and starts flirting with him.
    She bursts out crying near Shane so he will comfort her.
    She purposely mistakes the power cord for a snake, and screams.
    She steps onto the stage and starts singing.

8. Where does Shane first speak to Mitchie?
    In the piano room.
    In the dance lesson.
    At the lake.
    In the kitchen.

9. Do Caitlyn and Mitchie stay friends throughout the movie without having a fight?

10. Which of these is not a song in "Camp Rock"?
    2 Stars
    Pump Up the Jam
    Start the Party
    Play My Music

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Compiled Jun 28 12