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Gregor the Overlander

Created by javiervachon

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The Underland Chronicles
Gregor the Overlander game quiz
"This quiz will test your general knowledge of the book "Gregor the Overlander," book one of the "Underland Chronicles" by Suzanne Collins."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The main character of this series is a middle school-aged boy named Gregor. What U.S. city does he call home?
    Washington D.C.
    New York City

2. How does Gregor find his way to the Underland the first time he visits?
    He is abducted by a giant bat.
    He crawls through a storm drain in a park near his apartment.
    He follows Boots down an air duct in the apartment's laundry room.
    He gets lost exploring an old subway tunnel.

3. When Gregor and Boots arrive in the Underland, they are greeted by strange creatures. What are they?
    Talking Fish
    Giant cockroaches

4. The cockroaches take/lead Gregor and Boots to a huge walled city. What is the city called?

5. The Regalians (inhabitants of Regalia) believe strongly in the prophecies of the city's founder Bartholomew of Sandwich. What is the name of the prophecy that is said to have foretold Gregor's arrival in the Underland?
    The Prophecy of White
    The Prophecy of Grey
    The Prophecy of Fire
    The Prophecy of Steel

6. The humans in the Underland have a very special relationship with what creatures?
    The Spiders
    The Mice
    The Bats
    The Snakes

7. Who is the snarling, sarcastic, warrior Rat who is introduced as a member of the Questing group in this story, and continues to play a prominent role throughout the rest of the Underland Chronicles?

8. Why does Ripred have the Questers crawl through the tunnels that drip with stinky goo?
    It is a secret route
    To camouflage their smell
    It is the quickest way to their destination
    He knows that it will bother Gregor

9. A member of the Regalian Royal Family betrays the humans to the Rats' King Gorger. What is the traitor's name?

10. How does Gregor defeat the rats that have the members of the Quest encircled?
    He slays them with his sword
    He jumps into an abyss
    He starts an avalanche
    He chases them away with fire

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Compiled Jun 28 12