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National League Retired Numbers

Created by Nightmare

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National League Retired Numbers game quiz
"All multiple choice to see if you can find who the retired number belongs to. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which Braves slugger had his number 44 retired in 1977?
    Willie Mays
    Hank Aaron
    Mickey Mantle
    Warren Spahn

2. Manager Billy Meyer was the first Pittsburgh Pirate to have his jersey retired in 1954. His number 1 hung alone for two years until their team's Hall of Fame shortstop that wore the number 33, had his jersey hung up also. Who was this number 33 player that won eight batting titles and had over 3000 hits?
    Mel Ott
    Phil Rizzuto
    Honus Wagner
    Ty Cobb

3. This Astro and his number 33 was retired in 1992. He won the Cy Young award in 1986. Who was this pitcher?
    Mike Scott
    Billy Martin
    Lou Gehrig
    Ron Santo

4. The Chicago Cubs franchise began it all in 1876 as the White Stockings. It was not until 1982 that the franchise retired its first jersey. It was in the name and number of Hall of Fame shortstop Ernie Banks. Which number was his?

5. This Dodger number 39 won three season MVPs in five seasons. He was a Dodger for only 10 seasons before an automobile accident ended his career. Who is he?
    Duke Snider
    Jackie Robinson
    Roy Campanella
    Sandy Koufax

6. The first Giant to have his jersey retired happened in 1944. Who was this career Giant pitcher that won two MVP awards, and wore the number 11?
    Christy Mathewson
    Pud Galvin
    Charley Radbourn
    Carl Hubbell

7. The Cincinnati Reds have retired a few numbers during their franchise history. They include the number 8 of Joe Morgan and the number 20 of Frank Robinson. Whose jersey number 1 was the first Reds' jersey to ever be retired?
    Julian Javier
    Sparky Anderson
    Fred Hutchinson
    Gil Hodgers

8. The first New York Met to have his jersey retired was their manager. He certainly deserved it after what he had gone through. Who was this?
    Bill McKechnie
    Casey Stengel
    Wilbert Robinson
    Lou Boudreau

9. Robin Roberts was the first Philadelphia Phillie to have his jersey number retired in 1962. Which number belonged to this pitcher?

10. Arguably the greatest player in history, this St. Louis Cardinal slugger was the first on the team to have his number 6 retired in 1963. Which Hall of Famer was this?
    Stan Musial
    Schoolboy Rowe
    Carl Furillo
    Firpo Marberry

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