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Cash Cab

Created by nigil800

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Cash Cab game quiz
"This quiz will be about a cable show called "Cash Cab." I hope you enjoy the quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What type of show is "Cash Cab?"
    A talk show where participants are paid to tell their life stories
    A historical documentary series about cabs
    A game show
    A show about the relationship between cab drivers and the U.S. Mint

2. On which network can "Cash Cab" be seen in the United States of America?
    Game Show Network
    The Science Channel
    The Discovery Channel
    The Learning Channel

3. Where does the show take place?
    Chicago, Illinois
    New York City, New York
    Seattle, Washington
    Los Angeles, California

4. Which of the following is the best answer for what happens on the show?
    All of the answers are correct.
    The host asks the contestant(s) questions until he, she, or they reach his, her, or their destination or miss three questions.
    The contestant(s) receive a free cab ride.
    The contestant(s) may receive money.

5. How much is "The Red Light Challenge" worth?
    Double the money earned before "The Red Light Challenge"

6. What is special about "Cash Cab After Dark?"
    More people have a chance of winning money.
    It takes place at night time.
    The amount each level of questions is worth is doubled.
    There is a different host.

7. What are the two help options available on the show?
    Mobile Shout-Out and Street Shout-Out
    Mobile Shout-Out and Switch the Question
    Phone A Friend and 50:50
    Ask the Audience and Street Shout-Out

8. What is the name of the opportunity to double money earned once a destination is reached?
    Double Your Luck
    No such opportunity exists.
    The Super-Extreme Question
    The Video Bonus Question

9. What kind of questions are asked on this show?
    Questions about the city's landmarks
    General-knowledge questions
    Scientific questions
    Questions about the history of cab drivers

10. From which country is "Cash Cab" imported?

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Compiled Jun 28 12