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Keeping Busy With Anagrams

Created by looney_tunes

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Keeping Busy With Anagrams game quiz
"The words in capitals are anagrams of things people do to keep busy in their spare time. The sentences should give you an extra clue. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When I was young my mum took us to play this sport each week, and on the way home we were always hungry so we'd stop at the KEBAB STALL for dinner.
    Answer: (One Word, 10 letters)

2. I tried my hand at a few sports as a child, and, though I wasn't very good at this one, my father boosted my confidence by telling me I was one of the ABLEST TEN IN my club.
    Answer: (Two Words, 5 letters and 6 letters)

3. I still enjoy this activity I took up as a kid, but it can be complicated. If you are unsure how to begin, you often find that A DEMO GIVES you an idea of how it all works.
    Answer: (Two Words, both 5 letters)

4. As a teenager, I and seven of my friends began to participate in this activity. Most of the others who came each week were older than us, and our group became known as the ACNE SQUAD RING.
    Answer: (Two Words, 6 letters and 7 letters)

5. When I can't find the right yarn for my next project, I often visit the TINT KING, who has an excellent range.
    Answer: (One Word, 8 letters)

6. Although I have a black thumb myself, I often see the woman at the RAGGED INN out in her yard doing this very successfully.
    Answer: (One Word, 9 letters)

7. I need the co-operation of a friendly quadruped to do this during my free time, but when I ask him if he's ready, he just tells me to ORDER HIS GIN and tonic.
    Answer: (Two Words, 5 letters and 6 letters)

8. ALL HYPE IT who do it, but the rest of us just call it stamp collecting.
    Answer: (One Word, 9 letters)

9. Unlike the professionals, my friends and I never spit when we do this, and after we have tried a few samples we always think we are AGENTS IN WIT, though those around us may not agree.
    Answer: (Two Words, 4 letters and 7 letters)

10. Some people say that my time spent at this website produces nothing but VAIN FRUIT. I know that's not the truth!
    Answer: (One Word or Two Words, 9 letters or 3 letters and 6 letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12