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A slice of 'Country Life'

Created by paper_aero

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A slice of Country Life game quiz
"In 2003 the folk-rock duo Show of Hands released the album 'Country Life'. Take this quiz and let Show of Hands cut you a slice of country life."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the title song "Country Life", how did the narrator's brother lose two fingers?
    Feeding pigs
    Pub brawl
    Chainsaw bite

2. Who claims to have to have sung a folk song once "but he never inhaled"?

3. In "Be Lucky" the singer is given the secrets of success by a gypsy. But what is the singer advised to do if he wants to be king?
    Marry royalty
    Be cruel
    Try blackmail
    Start a revolution

4. The plot of the song "Suntrap" is of an emigrant who is finally fed up of endless sun and the 'same blue sky' and has decided it is time to go home. In particular, what is the singer surprised to find himself missing?
    Summer lightning
    Winter fog
    Autumn storms
    Spring frosts

5. The song "Hard Shoulder" tells of two people who have been friends since they were at school, writing songs and playing music together and then parting company. The narrator of this song hears about his former friend singing in pubs along the coast and goes to listen. What is his former 'partner in music' doing that upsets the narrator most?
    Miming to backing tracks
    Boy band covers
    Passing off their joint work as his own
    Singing out of tune

6. In the song "I Promise You" the singer promises many things, including 'blue skies', 'rolling moors', 'barefoot sunrise' and 'hope reborn'. The downside is that we must first put up with something else; what must we bear?

7. Which British hero is the subject and title of the song from which the lyrics, "Until from Plymouth Hoe the beating of my drum. From leaden slumber will summon me.", are taken?
    St George

8. The title of the next song under consideration is an alliteration. The woman being sung about is asking, telling even, the singer to do something to make it easier for her to leave?
    Slap her

9. In a song that is traditional in origin, sailors are going back to sea having spent all their money. To whom are the sailors saying goodbye many times to?

10. The title song "Country Life" is about the realities of modern life in the countryside, as opposed to ideals seen through rose-tinted spectacles by those who pass through. What is described as "the final nail"?
    CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)
    Foot and Mouth
    Holiday Homes

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Compiled Jun 28 12