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Michael Crichton

Created by deepakmr

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Michael Crichton game quiz
"Michael Crichton was a noted author of thriller and science fiction novels and passed away on 4th November 2008. This quiz is a tribute to the great author and has questions on his life and works."

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1. Michael Crichton wrote his early novels under a pseudonym. Which was a pseudonym used by Crichton?
    John Lange
    John Grisham
    Michael Jackson
    Douglas Crichton

2. Apart from novels, Crichton was also associated with movies and television. Which of these was a TV series with which Crichton was associated?
    Star Trek
    Sherlock Holmes
    Project UFO

3. A number of novels of Michael Crichton were made into movies. Which of the following movies, based on his novel was directed by Crichton himself?
    The First Great Train Robbery
    Rising Sun
    Jurassic Park III

4. A dinosaur named Crichtonsaurus was named after Michael Crichton in recognition of his famous 'Jurassic Park' novels.

5. Crichton liberally used a literary technique called 'false document' in many of his novels. Do you know what this technique is?
    Plagiarism of works of other authors
    The whole plot of the novel is false, which is revealed at the end
    Forgery plays a major theme in the novel's plot
    Use of references to documents/texts that don't exist

6. Which book by Michael Crichton is about eco-terrorists?
    State of Fear
    The Venom Business

7. Which of the following is a work of non-fiction by Crichton?
    Jasper Johns
    Scratch One

8. Crichton directed a movie that was based on the novel by another author. Do you know which author was it?
    Agatha Christie
    Stephen King
    Robin Cook
    Fredrick Forsyth

9. Michael Crichton was a lawyer by profession, but never practiced in a court of law.

10. Which was the last book of Michael Crichton that was released before his death?
    State of Fear

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