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The Men of "Dallas" and the Women Who Love Them!

Created by jayneashley80

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The Men of Dallas and the Women Who Love Them game quiz
"How well do you know the ladies that kept the men of "Dallas" on their toes?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following ladies was not involved in a romantic relationship with Bobby Ewing?
    Kay Lloyd
    Tracy Lawton
    Jenna Wade
    Afton Cooper

2. Ray Krebbs sure did seem to have a way with the women of Dallas! Which of the following did Ray not sleep with at some point?
    Sue Ellen Ewing
    Lucy Ewing
    Jamie Ewing Barnes
    Pamela Barnes Ewing

3. Cliff Barnes was engaged to which of the following?
    Sly Lovegren
    Michelle Stevens
    Liz Adams
    Mandy Winger

4. J.R. was involved with numerous women over the years, but which of them did he refer to as the love of his life?
    Sue Ellen Ewing
    Vanessa Beaumont
    Cally Harper
    Mandy Winger

5. Bobby made it well known throughout the show that he would never be involved with any woman who had been intimate with J.R. Bobby's only exception to this rule was made concerning which lady?
    Holly Harwood
    April Stevens
    Katherine Wentworth
    Mandy Winger

6. What was the name of the woman, who looked so much like Pam, Bobby broke up with April to pursue?
    Diana Farrington
    Jeanne O'Brien
    Tracy Lawton
    Kay Lloyd

7. Which leading lady was once married to political powerhouse Sam Culver?
    Donna Krebs
    Kimberly Cryder
    Jenna Wade
    Ellie Ewing Farlow

8. Clayton Farlow was Miss Ellie Ewing's third husband.

9. Which of the following men was Lucy Ewing not romantically involved with?
    Mitch Cooper
    Mickey Trotter
    Alex Barton
    Casey Denault

10. Which of the following characters did J.R. seduce in order to take control of Weststar?
    Kimberly Cryder
    Serena Wald
    Cally Harper
    Michelle Stevens

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Compiled Jun 28 12