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The Many Meanings of "Run"

Created by CellarDoor

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The Many Meanings of Run game quiz
"In English, one word can say a great deal, and "run" is one of those words. I'm about to have dinner with my good friends Arun and Brunhilde, but they always pepper their conversation with "run" words and phrases; can you help me work out what they mean?"

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1. It's been ages since I've seen Arun and Brunhilde, and I'm excited about meeting them for dinner! But just as I'm getting ready to leave for the restaurant, I get a phone call from Arun: he wants me to know that they're "running late." What does he mean by that?
    Their favorite sports team has scored very late in the game.
    They are competing in a footrace and are near the back of the pack.
    They have been delayed and will arrive at the restaurant later than expected.
    He is complaining about their frequent late hours at the business they manage.

2. Brunhilde sits down breathlessly next to me. "It's so good to see you!" she says, as Arun takes her coat and smiles. "This is a great place; you'll just love it. After the day I've had, I'm looking forward to it! I had a big presentation this morning, and would you believe that just then I noticed a run in my stocking?" What should I believe?
    The store was unexpectedly out of Brunhilde's favorite stocking brand.
    Brunhilde's stocking became partly unraveled.
    Brunhilde found a small beetle in her stocking.
    The stocking was too tight for Brunhilde to race in.

3. We order drinks and begin to debate the menu: what shall we get for an appetizer? I express curiosity about the fried onion; Arun favors the buffalo wings. We ask Brunhilde what she thinks, and she pauses before answering, "The buffalo wings here are run-of-the-mill." What is her opinion of the buffalo wings?
    They're probably the best this restaurant has to offer.
    They are overly processed.
    They come from free-range, organic buffaloes.
    They aren't anything special.

4. Our orders having been placed, we turn to the serious business of catching up. I'm surprised to hear that they've decided to invest in some serious camping equipment. Arun is gushing about their new tent: "It's lightweight and it folds up well, but on the inside it's very luxurious. Basically, we can carry all the comforts of home except for hot and cold running water!" What is he saying that they can't carry with them?
    Plumbing: they'll have to get their water from outside the tent.
    An indoor waterfall: this soothing device is just too heavy.
    Scenery: if they want to admire a river or brook, they'll have to pitch the tent near one.
    A coffeemaker: their tent doesn't have electricity.

5. Brunhilde is telling me now about a mutual friend of ours, who was always a troublemaker at school. Apparently, she's a guidance counselor at our old high school now! "I went to see Janine last month at the school," Brunhilde says, "and after all the trouble she used to get into, it was so strange to see that she has the run of the school now!" What does it mean for Janine to have "the run of the school"?
    She is free to do whatever she wants.
    She exercises by jogging through the halls.
    She is working hard to manage the place.
    The school relies on her to help things function smoothly.

6. The appetizers arrive just as I'm telling my friends about a charity event I'm helping put together. There will be comedians, magicians, even acrobats, but I'm worried about whether they'll remember their cues. "So when are you having a dry run?" Arun asks. What should I tell him?
    Our first show is Friday, but we'll be performing in front of a strictly sober audience.
    We'll race against each other Saturday, and the last one to finish will be in charge of cue cards.
    We're going to practice entrances, exits and other cues on Thursday.
    At the rehearsal on Tuesday, no performer gets anything to drink until he or she gets their cues right!

7. The subject changes to my friends' niece, Joanna. Apparently, Brunhilde just attended a youth league game of hers, and was very impressed: "She looked so confident out there! And she scored two runs near the end." Which of these sports might Joanna have been playing?
    Football (soccer)

8. Arun seems a little distant as we savor the main course. He stabs his roast chicken with his fork and says, "You know, this reminds me a little of a run-in I had with my boss the other day." What happened between Arun and his boss?
    Arun accidentally hit him with his car.
    They had a friendly batting competition.
    They went exercising together.
    They had a confrontation.

9. Brunhilde and I take a moment to reminisce about a bad movie that we watched together, repeatedly, in high school. Brunhilde fondly remembers one scene involving the villain: "Do you remember the looks on the extras' faces when he was run through?" What happened to the villain?
    He was so exhausted after a monologue that he collapsed dramatically.
    The ghosts of his victims moved through his body at high speed.
    He was impaled with a sword.
    He traveled through the city on a litter carried by six racing men.

10. My lovely evening with friends is drawing to a close, but Brunhilde has one more piece of news to share. It turns out that the next few months will be busy for her: she says she's running for office! What is Brunhilde doing?
    She is participating in a charity race organized by her workplace.
    She is campaigning to be elected to a public office.
    She is trying to be promoted so that she can manage her own business office.
    She is waking up too late in the mornings, so she has to race to make it to work on time.

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