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Mods MayDay '79

Created by Rowena8482

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Mods MayDay 79 game quiz
"May 6th, 1979 saw the live recording of 'the' album of the Mod Revival. "Mods Mayday '79," made that day, is now a collector's item and an icon. Questions cover the full show as on the CD, not just the sets featured on the original vinyl."

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1. Terry Murphy was the man whose brainchild the show, and recording, were.
He was the landlord of the venue, a "ropey mock-Tudor pub" in Canning Town, London. What was the name of the pub?
    The Bridge House
    The Rose and Crown
    The Black Bull
    Parliament Square Inn

2. Which band were given the job of opening the show when the band who were originally booked failed to show up?
    Secret Affair
    The Chords
    Merton Parkas

3. Which member of the Merton Parkas went on to find success with Dexy's Midnight Runners and the Style Council?
    Simon Smith
    Nick Hurrell
    Danny Talbot
    Mick Talbot

4. The most commercially successful 'Mayday' band was Secret Affair.
What name was given to their core following of dedicated fans?
    Faith Keepers
    Glory Boys

5. One song by Secret Affair is often called the "Anthem of the Mod Revival."
It also achieved mainstream success in the UK Singles Chart in 1979.
Which song is it?
    Let Your Heart Dance
    Time for Action
    Get Ready
    My World

6. From Squire's six song set, only three tracks were included on the original vinyl album. One of them is named for a famous London street; which street is it?
    Pall Mall
    Petticoat Lane
    Oxford Street
    King's Road

7. The Merton Parkas set included a cover of a song which had been a UK number one hit single in 1970, (for the original artist,) and was also a Top Ten hit in 1979 for The Beat.
Which song was this?
    No Woman, No Cry
    Twist and Shout
    Waterloo Sunset
    Tears of a Clown

8. Which of the bands on the Mayday bill featured Mark Casson as lead vocalist?
    Small Hours
    The Mods

9. Can you complete these lines, written by Ian Page of Secret Affair?
"But if these dreams aren't really new,
Tell me why __________"
    They never came true
    The hope shone through
    They work for you
    I still need you

10. The very last song to be performed (and recorded) at the Mayday show was the aptly named "End of the Night."
Which band sang it?
    Merton Parkas
    The Mods
    Small Hours

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