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The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Created by doublemm

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott game quiz
"A test of your knowledge of the events and legacy of the Mongomery Bus Boycott."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When did Rosa Parks refuse to move out of her seat on the bus?
    October 1955
    January 1956
    December 1955
    June 1955

2. What was the name of the bus driver who ordered Parks to give up her seat? A name he shares with a professional tennis player.
    Andy Roddick
    James Blake
    John McEnroe
    Jimmy Connors

3. In December 1943, Rosa Parks became an active member of which civil rights group?

4. Which specific event was supposed to be the main reason for Parks' refusal to give up her seat?
    The signing of the Southern Manifesto
    The bus driver was rude to her as she got on the bus
    The murder of Emmett Till
    The Brown vs Board of Education decision

5. What was the name of the local leader of the NAACP, who was one of the first to take action (in the form of the Montgomery Bus Boycott) in response to Parks' arrest?
    Stokely Carmichael
    A. Phillip Randolph
    Huey Newton
    E.D. Nixon

6. Another key player in the Montgomery Bus Boycott was Jo-Ann Robinson, leader of the WPC. But what did the WPC stand for?
    Women's Peace Corps
    White Protestant Christians
    Women's Political Council
    Women's Progressional Charity

7. A third big player in this event was Ralph Abernathy, a local minister. Which future civil rights leader did Abernathy suggest become involved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
    Elijah Muhammad
    Malcolm X
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Stokely Carmichael

8. The beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott led to the formation of which of these groups?
    Nation of Islam
    Black Panthers

9. How long did the boycott last?
    365 days
    381 days
    7 days
    153 days

10. Where is the bus on which Parks refused to leave her seat kept?
    In the Montgomery Bus Station
    It was destroyed
    In the Henry Ford Museum
    National Museum of American History

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