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A Journey into the Eye

Created by napkintosh

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Eyes and Ears
A Journey into the Eye game quiz
"Some miscellaneous trivia to those familiar with the marvellous organ of sight, the eye."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The three concentric layers comprising the globe are known as what?
    Ciliary Zonules
    Orbital Layers

2. The only purpose of the sclera is to:
    Maintain the shape of the globe
    Refract light onto the retina
    Improve visual acuity
    Help the iris adjust to ambient light

3. In accommodation, what changes the shape of the lens?
    Ciliary body

4. A decrease in the magnitude of accommodation due to the hardening of the lens substance is called what?

5. The most acute visual area on the retina is called what?
    Fovea centralis
    Macula densa
    White Spot
    Foramen magnum

6. In myopia, what is the shape of the globe in comparison to a normal one?
    It is shorter
    It is larger
    It is wider
    It is longer

7. In osteogenesis imperfecta type II, a rare disease in which the bones do not develop normally and are subject to frequent fractures, a discoloration of the sclera is often noted. What color is it?
    Deep red

8. To be considered legally blind in the United States, one's vision has to be worse than what measurement even with corrective lenses?
    20 over 200
    20 over 400
    20 over 2000
    20 over 800

9. Heterochromia irides is often the result of an accident, genetics, or what rare disorder which also causes premature greying of the hair, partial cochleal deafness, and white eyebrows and forelock?
    Aarskog-Scott Syndrome
    Oculocutaneous melanocytosis
    Waardenburg Syndrome

10. The medical term for colorblindness in which everything is seen in varying shades of grey is what?

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Compiled Sep 22 13