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It's a Dog's Life!

Created by helenwalland

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : General Dog Info
Its a Dogs Life game quiz
"This is about working and pet dogs in Britain."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do PAT dogs do?
    Help disabled people in their homes
    Pull carts in displays
    Visit people in hospitals
    Find injured climbers and walkers

2. What do I mean when I say my dog is a 'rescue'?
    She has gained a 'Rescue' award for her work in scenting
    She finds people lost on the moors
    She has been taken from a poor background and rehomed with me
    She is a heroine having helped save someone's life

3. What award can ordinary pet dogs gain to prove they are generally well behaved around the home and their neighbourhood?
    Good Citizens Award
    Caring Canine Certificate
    Top Dog Award
    The Shep Award

4. What is the name of the most important dog show in Britain (and possibly the world)?
    Discover Dogs

5. Crossbreeds can appear at Crufts in which events?
    all of these
    heelwork to music

6. What is flyball?
    a race between two dogs to bring balls to their owners
    dogs must find balls hidden in a particular area, first dog with all four balls wins
    a competition where dogs catch a frisbee in the air
    a team relay race to retrieve tennis balls

7. Where would you be most likely to see a 'scurry'?
    in a school
    at a country or hunting show
    at an airport
    at a swimming pool

8. How are dog rescue centres and dog sanctuaries funded? Where do they get their money?
    public donations
    all of these
    charging new owners for their new dog

9. Lots of breeds are being crossbred with poodles currently. Why is this?
    the poodle coat is nonallergenic and doesn't shed
    owners like to take their dogs to the poodle parlour
    poodles are very intelligent dogs
    they look cute

10. If you see a stray dog in the street should you ignore it?
    No, try to keep it safe from traffic until it can be picked up
    No, report it to the local dog warden
    all of these
    No, call a local dog sanctuary

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Compiled Jun 28 12