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Moscow Rules

Created by berrigan

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Moscow Rules game quiz
"This quiz will test your understanding of Daniel Silva's number one bestseller "Moscow Rules", the eighth book in the "Gabriel Allon" series. No spoilers... the only parts of the plot that are given away occur fairly early in the book."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Aside from being an Israeli spy, Gabriel Allon has another career that serves as his cover. What is this other career?
    Art restorer
    Marine biologist
    Computer consultant

2. Moscow Rules begins with the murder of Russian journalist Aleksandr Lubin. Where was Lubin murdered?
    Umbria, Italy
    Courchevel, France
    Moscow, Russia
    Havermore, Gloucestershire

3. After a second Russian journalist is murdered while making an effort to contact Allon (and thus pass on some important information which is currently unknown), Allon goes into Russia to meet with the last person who might have the information that Allon requires. Who is this person?
    Boris Ostrovsky
    Olga Sukhova
    Arkady Medvedev
    Eli Lavon

4. Gabriel Allon entered Russia under the alias of an employee with the Israeli Ministry of Culture. What is Allon's cover name?
    Ehud Landau
    Alessio Vianelli
    Gideon Argov
    Natan Golani

5. How does Allon's first stay in Russia work out?
    He kills two hitmen, is thrown into Lubyanka, beaten nearly to death and tossed out at the Ukrainian border.
    He finds the required information to stop a terrorist attack.
    He enjoys some vodka and caviar and goes home with a greater appreciation of the Russian people.
    He meets Uzi Navot and they work together to foil the crime.

6. Who is the Memuneh, or "the one in charge," at King Saul Boulevard?
    Ari Shamron
    Eli Lavon
    Uzi Navot
    Gabriel Allon

7. Which Russian department is "Sergey" employed by, that Silva describes as being thoroughly corrupt from top to bottom?

8. Which painter is Elena Kharkov's favorite?
    Mary Cassatt
    Vincent Van Gogh

9. Who were the two Russian journalists whose murders inspired much of the plot of "Moscow Rules"?
    Anna Politkovskaya and Ivan Safronov
    Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova
    Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev
    Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov

10. Which of the following is a villain in "Moscow Rules"?
    Olga Sukhova
    Ivan Kharkov
    Grigori Bulganov
    Aleksander Lubin

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Compiled Jun 28 12